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One page of a book done!
$100 per comic page!
This will allow me to get one page of one project (Devil in the Details) done! All the art and lettering! 
One page of two projects!
$200 per comic page!
This will allow me to get one page of two projects (Devil in the Details and Ulterior Motives) done! All the art and lettering!


Comic Book Writer and Creator. I have written the book Meatspace. Also letterer, graphic designer and all around hilarity generator.


New York, NY, USA

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I am comic writer and I am trying to get my next project, off the ground and into your eyeballs. My last project, Meatspace, was a bit of a chore to do via Kickstarter and thought this subscription model through Patreon was the way to go. Patreon will allow you to pay as you go to allow me and the artist to tell an ongoing story a page at a time for ahead of it being published, along with getting a special print version and digital version of the book. Patrons will get to read the story before everyone else and there will be additional bonuses thrown in just for fun!

So, what will the money be used for? Mostly to hire an artist to draw this thing up.

"This thing?" Ok, this is where things get kind of tricky. I have three books (at least) in some stage of being written...
  • Revenant - This is a sci-fi horror about the last vampire hunter coming back from the dead to exact vengeance upon the vampire society that has taken over the Earth. This project has languished for a couple of years, but is ripe for re-emergence with art by Aodhan Cummings. Three of the six issues have been written but more are ready to go.
  • Devil in the Details - This was originally written as a screenplay to which I adapted to a graphic novel. The screenplay is written, the adaptation is mostly done. Working on trying to get an artist on board. This is a story about an ex-hitman turned private investigator trying to make ends meet and keep his daughter out of trouble. Forced to take one last hit, his life takes a sharp left turn into insanity when his employer is The Devil himself. This should be around 100-120 pages.
  • Ulterior Motives - This is currently being written, with the first issue just about done. As with Devil in the Details, I am about to start looking for an artist. This a 'hero' named Pocket, who goes from black ops operative to vigilante to crime boss in secret. He is on a mission to save the city of New Luxor...for himself. All the while, he is trying to avoid all the regular superhero tropes...sidekicks, team-ups, etc. This is aiming to be ongoing.
  • Gamespace - a prequel, though only tangentially related story to Meatspace. I have an artist on board, Yuki Saeki...but she's quite busy and we are still hashing out the details. This is written, just waiting for art. This story is about Johnny Brighton and how he rose from lowly tech support goon to international superstar. This is aiming to be around 60-80 pages.
So yeah...three projects, all enticing. So my plan is...if i can raise $100 per week, I can start producing one of the projects...most likely in the order in which I listed the projects in and for each $100 i can raise per week, I can add more projects to the queue, which will be posted in user-reward page for you to view as soon as they are done, waaaay before releasing to public! Gamespace might be a bit weird, because of artist's schedule, so when we get to the $300 mark, I'll have to see what's going on with that.

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