Josh Gorfain is creating
GameSpace, the prequel to Meatspace

Creating comics, one page at a time.

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This will allow me to get one page of GameSpace done! All the art and lettering!


Comic Book Writer and Creator. I have written the book Meatspace. Also letterer, graphic designer and all around hilarity generator.


New York, NY, USA

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I am comic writer and I am trying to get my next project, GameSpace, off the ground and into your eyeballs. GameSpace is the prequel to my last book, Meatspace, This story centers on Johnny Brighton and how he became the media sensation he was when Meatspace started. We find him as a lowly tech support person for the game DungeonWorld; which is currently doing some weird and unexpected things. Johnny's been tasked to find out who's responsible for messing with the game and imbuing various computer controlled NPC's (non-player characters) with sentience. Johnny's quest leads him directly into the path of top streaming team in the game.

This project is going to be at least four 22-page issue and distributed online as a free web-comic. Your support and patronage here will get the pages earlier than the public plus bonus content; scripts, world-building notes, Q/A sessions and so on.

The scripts for the first two issues are written and ready for the artist, Yuki Saeki to start working on it. She has already did the art for five pages of the script...but they are in the middle of issue 1. I'm just looking for the funds to pay for the production of the pages. With your help, you can get in on the ground floor of this touching story about rising to the occasion and becoming something greater than yourself.
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