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About Jeremy Thomas

Bulma is a free and open source CSS framework based on Flexbox, and incredibly simple to use.

More than 80,000 developers use Bulma, for a few reasons:

  • simple syntax: thanks to Flexbox, the HTML markup required by Bulma is both easy to read and lightweight
  • easy to learn: Bulma is built for humans, and people pick it up in a matter of minutes thanks to its straightforward CSS class names
  • 100% responsive: Bulma is fully responsive out-of-the-box, making sure both mobile and desktop users have a great visual experience
  • easily customizable: by using Sass variables, it only takes a few lines to create your custom Bulma build that satisfies your brand guidelines
  • modular: while Bulma comes with tons of features, you can choose to only import the components you need

The Bulma community is vast and growing, and has given birth to lots of side projects and additional tools that simplify each developer's experience.

Bulma is also in constant development. Instead of waiting months or years for massive releases, Bulma is maintained weekly, allowing bug fixes and improvements to be released quickly.

While lots of work has been done by additional contributors, the core of Bulma is mostly maintained by me: I want to maintain a high level of quality and ensure that each line of code is up to the standards the project has set so far.

Since maintaining and developing new features takes a considerable amount of time, I am currently exploring the possibility of working on Bulma full time.

Here are some examples of improvements I want to focus on:

  • CSS Variables: simplify the Bulma code by making use of CSS Custom Properties
  • RTL support: a highly demanded feature, which hasn't seen a proper solution so far
  • Customization tool: develop an online tool where it's easy to customize a component and try out its variations
  • Code snippets: a library of useful common Bulma snippets
  • Free templates: full page HTML templates to kick start your project
  • Official themes: high quality themes, easily customizable and well documented
  • Lots of documentation improvements

If you run a business and is using Bulma in a revenue-generating product, it would make business sense to sponsor Bulma development: it ensures the project that your product relies on stays healthy and actively maintained. It can also help your exposure in the Bulma community and makes it easier to attract Bulma developers.

Of course, if Bulma has helped you in your personal projects, consider making a recurring pledge. ;-)

Thank you!

78% complete
I will spend all my free time improving the Bulma core and its documentation.
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