J.H. Fleming

is creating fantasy novels and short stories
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About J.H. Fleming

Who Am I?

I am J.H. Fleming, author of The Queen of Moon and Shadow, Rhythms of Magic, and Lifting the Veil: Tales of Discovery and Magic. My short stories have also appeared in several anthologies and magazines. You can find out more at www.jhfleming.net.

What Do I Do?

I write fantasy novels and short stories. I'm inspired by pretty much everything, but especially fairy tales, folklore, myth, or anything strange and lovely. I also sing and sometimes record songs. I'm currently learning Gaeilge (Irish), and plan to learn many more languages, so I may occasionally share language-related things.

What Am I Working On Now?

The Last Mages of Greybrook - This book is in its 2nd draft.

The Myth of Light - This book is in its 1st draft.

The Hawthorne Street Witches (short story) - 1st draft

What Will I Do With the Pledges I Receive From Patreon?

I have a full-time day job that covers my daily living expenses (and eats up most of my time), so any pledges I receive will be used for writing purposes only. This includes covering the yearly costs of a domain name and website, traveling to conventions, buying office supplies, restocking my book inventory so I have items to sell at conventions, and marketing ads and supplies, such as bookmarks and business cards. My long-term goal is to be able to write full-time, so if I received enough support I'd eventually be able to quit my day job. Until then, your support will be used as stated above.

A Final Word

Thank you for your support, and know that I am eternally grateful and will do my utmost to make the absolute best stories that I can. Your contribution means the world to me.
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If I reach this goal, I will share a complete unpublished short story with all Patrons. It is likely I will submit it at some point, but Patrons will get to read it before everyone else.
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