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* Basic 5e Write Ups (Stats, Ability Scores, etc.)

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* Full Write Ups (Description, Ecology, Lore, and Adventure Seeds)

* Request a re-visit of a classic OSR monster. You guys get to help guide the design.

* A 5% discount on any of my DriveThruRPG content.

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* Stock Art permissions in perpetuity. 

* Photoshop versions of the main monsters.

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About JH Illos

I illustrate characters, creatures and other stuff for tabletop RPGs. My artwork has appeared in various RPG books (you can search for "Jeremy Hart" on DriveThruRPG and DM's Guild to see some examples). I also have a few of my own monster manual zines published via DriveThru as well.

I am opening my art for usage to all my backers here on Patreon. But please abide by the terms of my Commercial Stock Art License. Additionally, I offer a discount on all my content purchased on DriveThruRPG to you guys.
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I can keep doing this full-time! This full-time fantasy trip of mine is circling the drain. I'm going to have go back to a day job soon unless I see a MARJOR increase in support here and on DriveThruRPG. No pressure. :^)
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