Jhonatan S. Silva

is creating Illustration with Graphic Design and Art Skills
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About Jhonatan S. Silva

Hi there! If you are here is because you already know at least some illustration that I did.
let me introduce you something more interesting...

   Vectorize CLUB - Telegram   

The first community made for Designers, Artist, Illustrators, Graphics.
made to encourage you to get Better skills with the Best Self-taught Methods

Ok, let me explain now. Patreon gives us an amazing opportunity to give you special attention, this platform doesn't mean a donation, let me explain  Why:

We all know that to create bring tutorials Contents is very Time-consuming, so if you become my Patron, this allows us to create contents dedicated to you,  the Results?
you'll learn much more, fast and easily.

Do I need know how to Draw?
With my tutorials in real time here you will learn how to use Reference, using my Art Principles in a Design way, learning what is really matters!

 How I am?
I'm Freelancer, self-taught artist/designer that love what I do, I develop my own methods to design many kind of illustration, I work for the Game Industry since 2016, where is very demanding to know to do almost everything to survive, and now I can share all my methods that I built in shis "Short" and so optimized way to learn fast... this experience is made for you that doesn't have a lot of Patience like me haha.

What this is about?

  1. Less is more, simple and appealing designs with easy methods and techniques.  
    like shown in my Youtube Channel
  2. Unlock your limit thoughts about "talent" and encourage you to practice with us.
  3. Expert Techniques through the basic principles -  Shapes, Color, Shading
    doesn't need to know how to draw,
Remember, you can  Quit  in anytime, really don't worry, NO question - I guarantee that these contents will increase a lot in your design experience (If you practice of course), mainly if you like:
Illustration, Characters, Objects, Backgrounds, Children Book, Icons, Doodling, Cartoon and Games! if you don't like any of these, honestly I think this is not for you... but if is...
 JOIN NOW! 😍  ☕ $3 a price of coffee.

Is it
 Just for Affinity Designer on Ipad?
No! Actually you can follow all that I do here using Affinity on desktop as well!
or if you want to learn my workflow no matter which software you use. The principles keep all the same!

No matter which “Level” you are or that I am. You can do the same things like me.
I know you don’t have patience to study sometimes, this is why during my lessons I always show the principles while I do the exercises, I review your results and Tell you where you can Improve... In this way you will have a direct Art Direction from me!

What people Say?

Access to our Telegram Group where everyone from any background and different styles is welcome to share the same passion and experiences.
now, What on earth would you found all of this? Only here my fellow, I can't wait to see you joined here. any question, just direct me on insta    @jhonatan.ssilva   or  Facebook Page
See you!

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Starter goal! When I reach 50 patrons, I'll be able to post some assets every month.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 34 exclusive posts