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Creating a podcast about wuxia and RPGs.

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About Jianghu Hustle

Train alongside fellow students Eric Farmer and Eli Kurtz in Jianghu Hustle!

We're two guys from the US Midwest who love the history and themes of wuxia cinema. We're watching our way through the wuxia canon, discussing the cultural and dramatic elements that define the genre. It's so much more than just high-flying sword fights and over-the-top acting!

We are training to develop a new tabletop RPG that captures the melodrama of wuxia cinema as well as the thrilling fight choreography. So far, we've watched films like The 36th Chamber of Shaolin, Drunken Master 2, Five Deadly Venoms, and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. We collect all our discussions on a podcast hosted by the Misdirected Mark network. You can find our feed here:


If we've already got a podcast up and running, why are we asking for your patronage? For a blistering barrage of reasons!
  • RPG Development/Publishing: We plan to crowdfund our game, but both of us have published enough games to know there are a lot of expenses that come before a crowdfunding campaign. We need money for art, layout, and design for our playtest and promotional materials.
  • Engage the Community: What is a knight errant without a community to fight for? We want to gather together all the wuxia fans out there, especially those who are looking for a new take on the genre when it comes to tabletop RPGs! Patreon is one of the best platforms for you to add your support to this project.
  • Podcast Production: Training is tough work! A Patreon campaign helps to ease the cost of producing a podcast: equipment, movie rental fees, editing, and hosting space on the Misdirected Mark website.
  • Charitable Giving: We believe acts of compassion should not be limited to the silver screen. It's important to do good things with what we've been given. Once we reach $50 per month, we'll donate 10% of whatever we earn to charity.
  • Patronage: The warriors and vagabonds of wuxia stories lean on each other for support. Both Eric and Eli support a few Patreon campaigns on their own, and we'd like to do more of that with this project. We're pledging an additional 10% of whatever we make to other creators on Patreon (especially Asian and women creators).
Thanks so much for visiting our page. We hope you'll consider lending us your support!

 - Eric and Eli
$16.20 of $50 per episode
At this level, we'll start giving 10% of our funding to a charity, and another 10% to Asian-American creators on Patreon.
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