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At the entry-level you will get exclusive acces to my videos, right when i make them, before i'll upload them to youtube and you can suggest directly to me what should be the subject for the next video.

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At this level you'll be mentioned for your support in the  description of my future videos, you'll also have the entry level acces to my videos, and you'll receive my personal discord number to talk to me and receive tips and tricks about any subject you want, either gaming or drawings. 

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At this level you'll get a shout-out in the future live-streams, and once a month you'll get a personal sketch/drawing video made at your request with a digital copy sent towards you via email.  This level also includes perks from previous tiers and bonus you get acces to my private Discord channel, to hang out and talk to me directly. 




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About JigSaw

Hello, my name is Dean, i have a youtube channel called Jigsaw Gaming where i post mobile gaming videos, especially Injustice 2 mobile videos and Mortal kombat  X mobile, but in the future i want to diversify the channel, make it grow and bring to you guys, PC gaming, Console gaming and also drawing videos and tutorials. For that to happen i need your help, every little counts and i will do my best to provide the best content that i can for my followers. 
$10 of $50 per month
When i reach this goal i'll start buying some high-quality art products and start drawing DC and MARVEL characters with a pool made for all my patrons. 
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