Jill Ensley

is creating Art, writing, and a combination of the two.

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Greetings, friends! 
Look for updates and tweaks soon, but for now, let's just be blunt and honest.  I am a lifelong (papered, and the debt to prove it) artist.  I am also a published writer.  I have been living with a few chronic illnesses for many years now, and recently had a bout of spinal stenosis.  Recovery has been taking some time, and has been up-and-down, so inbetween my PT job, I would like to get back to creating.  I've already been checking long-dormant pieces off my list and this has motivated me to get the rest of my web presence up and running, and crank out some HOT NEW AWT.  If you already know me, and like what I do, throw me some bones, cheddar?  I don't know what the kids say now.  I'll be adding more art and product to my Etsy and Artist Shop soon and adding exclusive word garbles to my bloggins.  You lucky people, you.

I have disabled my ancient website and redirected it here.  So until I get a new one built, you can see a sampling of my work at the following places...

Haven't updated in awhile, but some solid pieces are still on Flickr
My Etsy Shop, for the lighter side of things
Words n' stuff

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