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About Jill Gates

  • Romancing the Kingdom newest updates & schedule
    • Romancing the Kingdom .90 (final) - expect the Lovely Supporter version by May 30th; in active development, a little slow due to recovery from surgery.
    • Romancing the Kingdom .85; read the release notes here, and then get the download links for all patrons in that post.
    • Nice Supporters on May 8th and Basic Supporters on May 15th.
  • Latest free update -  download .80 here.
  • Sword of Wonder HD .99 Final FREE Download; completely updated game, includes tons of new content & more.
  • Visit the discord community here (some channels only available to current supporters).

Thanks for stopping by.
Romancing the Kingdom - current project
Female protagonist set in a fantasy setting, Polly has just turned 19, the age of majority in Tropia, and can't wait to explore all the carnal desires her heart has dreamed bout, but never attempted - until now. Features a lot of animation with lesbian scenes, hetero, m/f, m/f/f, f solo, anal, strap-on, oral, tit sex, as Polly spends the last 22 days until she's crowned official successor to the throne. As time goes on, a mystery regarding a famous sword, disappearing, and restless guards makes Polly question who is loyal, and if she can trust Jack, her would be suitor.

Previous project (now finished) - Sword of Wonder:
Sword of Wonder (SoW) is a first person game with a male protagonist. The game includes mini-games, puzzles and as of the latest .99 update more than 2100 images & dozens of animations. If you know the legend of King Arthur, you might recognize some similarities. However, there's also an element of Robinson Crusoe (shipwrecked on a foreign land) as the backstory for the protagonist, whom you name. When he obtains the sword and the knowledge that he could become King, the hero then meets the current royal family, which leads to some complications. Does he help them, use the sword's power to depose them....or simply attempt to get back to his old life in a kingdom far, far away despite the advances of the Princesses (and others). Characters that you can form relationships with include the Queen, her step-daughters the Princesses, the female guards, a busty inn keeper & more.

There are a few constant themes in my games:
Fun characters, engaging plots and loads of visual content, both static renders and animation.
These are all dating sims / adult RPGs for people over the age of majority, 18+, where they live in the world. The games are playable on Mac 10.5+, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and Linux desktop computers for downloads.

Why should I become a patron?
If you can help support my game making, I'd love to be able to do this full time but for that, I need your help. Every dollar is a huge help and a big vote of confidence that my work is the quality people love. I'm confident that together, we can continue to create an amazing adult game experience, from delightful renders to impactful game choices, mechanics & above all a meaningful, immersive fantasy story.

How payments work - information for new patrons (thank you in advance for your support!). When you pledge, the amount of your pledge will be due the first day and then monthly on the 1st. For more information about how Patreon charge up front works, visit this page.
$37.63 of $1,000 per month
This enables me to start saving money beyond buying assets and things for the game so I can upgrade my three year old GPU and computer - which means even bigger updates on the games you love!
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