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I see you! You are a generous person and someone to be admired, you take charge, see something you like and you go for it. I like that, WE like that! So we have chosen to give back! In exchange for this donation you will get 2-3 bonus shows a month! That's more Jim and Them for your ear holes! These shows are weird little asides and ideas we have and you will not be disappointed*!

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A true scholar, someone that demands respect and will take it at any cost like Bill Belichick. You will be remembered fondly for generations to come (this is not guaranteed as part of the reward this is just a simple fact). Not only that but you will get the 2-3 bonus shows a month and an additional show! This will usually be one of the old favorites like say Jake and MIke VGS, Watch This, Eagle Flies, CB RADIO!?
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About Jim and Them

Jim and Them is a pop culture based comedy show out of Las Vegas, NV, the show consists of Jim Scampoli, Mike Steele and Jeff Murphy aka The Best Dudes. We do a live weekly podcast every Friday night at live.jimandthem.com in addition to sketches, holiday specials and convention coverage. We have had interviews or run-ins with the likes of RL Stine, Dan Harmon, Rian Johnson, Riff Raff (RIP), Andrew Dice Clay, April O'Neil, Axel Braun, and tons of other special guests. Jim and Them cover all aspects of pop culture, movies, tv and video games and sometimes we even get a little personal. The show has been described as "some of the smartest humor, disguised as the dumbest". Jim and Them pride themselves on finding the best in the worst people.

We expanded what we do, and want to even further. If you are already familiar with the show, thanks for checking out our Patreon page, if you aren't then you can sample what we do over at www.jimandthem.com (Please don't hold Power Hour shows against us). We want to grow our show and give back more content that might not necessarily fit in the current framework of our podcast, with some help from you we will deliver some secret shows, some old favorites and some movie commentaries. We also plan to up the quality of our equipment to give you a better live show, more videos and we hope to be able to travel and cover more events, maybe even another holiday special. This means more JIM AND THEM FOR YOU! Isn't that amazing? 

Here is the ever growing list of bonus shows that have shown up here on the exclusive Patreon podcast feed:

  • Jake and Mike VGS: The revival of the Jake and Mike classic. Video game talk galore!
  • Watch THIS!: Movie Expert, Jim, being an expert about movies! Other people are usually with him, but he's the expert, not them!.
  • Theater Of The Mind: No one actually wants to read fan fiction, but everyone loves listening to us subject ourselves to it.
  • The Jim and Them Rewind: Sometimes we want to talk about things and we can't explain why. Those things don't always make sense on Jim and Them, so they wind up on the Rewind!
  • V Dawn Of Justice: Fantasy Fights finally have a governing body when it comes to disagreements. We set the results of all the fantasy fights you've always thought about in stone.
  • The Way We Were: Jim and Jake listen back to old episodes and talk about how much things have changed (or haven't?!)
  • The Search for Whistlin' Pete's Lost Gold: The spiritual successor to Jake and Mike on an island. This is the stupidest thing you'll ever listen to. Seriously. It's just.... it's just awful.
  • Cheap Heat: Wrestling talk from Mike Steele and Danny Richardson. We talk about PPV's and wrestling in general. We can only hope this makes Mike stop bringing it up on Jim and Them.
  • Jake and Mike VGS Archive: Never got a chance to listen to the original run of the VGS? Well the Archives are now exclusive on the Patreon!
  • Proper Noun and Pronoun: Like Mad Libs? Of course you don't! No one does! But somehow, Jim and Them has figured out how to make them entertaining.
  • Pitchin' Aint Easy: Jim and Mike are expert screen writers and are so confident in their ability to write a perfect script, that they will turn on the mics and pitch you on a complete movie idea from scratch. Maybe Pitchin' IS easy?
  • One Man's Opinion: Sometimes Jim needs to shed all the dead weight of Mike and Jeff and just get down to brass tacks, and when that happens, you get One Man's Opinion.
  • On The Road With Mike: When Mike drives to or from work and the sports radio guys are boring, he quietly thinks about a lot of things, and now you can all ride along with him while he does it. How exciting!
  • Dungoons & Dragoons: Mike take a bunch of lucky goons who have never played D&D before and DM's them through an adventure of his own creation. Listen in and shout huzzah!
  • Fueled by bitterness: Jim and Mike are turning into grandpas that don't understand things and they are very mad at the things. Listen to how mad they get!
  • Information Superhighway: What is the buzz on the internet this week? We cruise down the old information superhighway and decide which offramp to get off and look around at.
  • Outrage: Jake has combed the internet with the latest outrages that are sweeping the web, and breaks them all down for us so that we know what to be mad about.
  • Book 'Em Danno: The official Jim and Them book club. You never know when Mike and Jim are going to find a book that needs to be shared with the Gooniverse, but when they do, it is either great or the worst book they've ever read.
There is more where all of these came from too. We are always doing one-offs and new shows so if you like Jim and Them, you'll love the Jim and Them Patreon.

100% complete
If we reach this monthly milestone we will have a Jim and Them HANGOUT! All the supporters will get to kick it with Jim, Jake, Mike, Joe and maybe even Jeff Murphy in a Google Hangout. Find out what we are like when we aren't "on", just kidding we are always ON. It will be a real life Dude's Corner but hopefully some chicks will be there amirite!?
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