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is creating horror based Twitch streams, podcasts, and YoutTube videos
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I just want to say thanks for supporting me in my creative ventures. It takes a lot of trust to give a stranger your money so, thank you for trusting me. For a dollar or more you'll get all previous seasons of Scream Stream.

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Take your seat at the family table! Not only do you get the past seasons of Scream Stream, but you also get access to the patron channel in the discord server and a shout out at the end of every every episode.




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About Jimbo Lewis

Hello, and welcome to my Patreon page. My name is Jimbo Lewis and I am a live broadcaster on Twitch, and a content creator on YouTube. All of my content is focused around horror entertainment. Monday - Friday I host Jimbo's Scream Scream Stream where I play the best and the worst horror games available to me. I also produce a weekly podcast as well called Scream Stream. It used to be available on the podcast platforms until I ran out of funding. It is currently only available on YouTube. This is where Patreon comes in. It is my hope that you can support Scream Stream and help me get it back to it's true podcast form. Your support will help go to funding the hosting for the podcast, equipment upgrades, recording and editing software, and creating it's own mobile app in the future. 

A little about my background:
Creating content has always been a passion of mine. Even though I suffer from social anxiety, being in front of a camera puts me at ease. I wanted to hone my creative skills so, in 2013 I earned my Bachelors degree in film-making. I've taken the skills I've learned and applied them to creating the best web based entertainment I possibly can. With your support I can continue to improve the production value of my content and start new ventures. 

A bit about the Scream Stream shows:
The Scream Stream podcast is your spoiler free guide to streaming online horror. Each week I pick a horror film from one of the various streaming services and give it a spoiler free review. There are a lot of horror movies to pick from but it's hard to tell which ones are worth your time. Let me to the hard work for you and point you in the right directions. I started the podcast in 2013 and recently had to cancel it due to financial reasons. I want to bring it back to it's true podcast form on as many platforms as possible, hence this Patreon page. 

Jimbo's Scream Stream is a live broadcast I do on Twitch every Monday through Friday. Viewers (the Jimbo Fam) can come and hangout with me while I play scary games. They like to torment me with scary sounds they trigger via chat commands and generally just like watching me die over and over in game. That's not all though. As I eluded, we're a family oriented stream and we support each other as much as we can.

You can hang out with us live on Monday - Friday from 9:30pm to 11:30pm EST.

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Due to limited funding, Scream Stream is currently a bi-weekly show and reaching this goal will allow me to make it weekly again.
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