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For those who want to support me, and/or want to see more of my pics. 

This tier will get an early access to my pics. Three days later the pics will be open to public.

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With this tier, you can:

-Early access my pics, three days before it goes public.

-Commission me a colored picture every month. One character only, with a simple background.  

It doesn't stack the next month if you miss the current month. Don't worry, I will send you a message every beginning of the month to remind you of the commission. So please send me the commission  idea before the month ends.




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Hello everyone, I'm Jim Liesman. I make underwater themed pics and comics. I made this patreon because... You see, I do commissions on DeviantArt, but I really want to earn something from my own art and ideas too. From my own stories and comics too. That's why I made this patreon... If you want to support me and/or want to see more of my original works, please consider supporting me here!

I do underwater themed pics and comics, usually with freediving, breatholding and peril themes. I don't do reaaally sexy stuff ^^' the most you see here will be swimsuit or underwear. 
My first comic series was Summer Comic Series (Short Suffocating Summer, Pitch Black Summer, Shallow Sparkly Summer, and Haunting Rocky Summer) All of those you can read on my DeviantArt gallery.

My deviantArt
My Pixiv
My Twitter

My original works, both finished and ongoing are

-Summer Comic Series
-The Asphodel Hunter
-Blue Vignettes
-Under The Surface
-Aim for 1 Million Subscribers! Daily Life of Robinson Siblings
-Tri-ton Inc.

-Webs of Azure

All you can access on deviantart and/or here.

Also I really like blonde girls!

Thanks for pledging to my Patreon!

$75 - reached! per month
When I reach $75 per month, I will make an UW themed Visual Novel Dating Sim!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 19 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 19 exclusive posts

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