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per Song (includes video; lossless and MP3 downloads; extras)


My name is Jimmy Ether, and I'm a musician and recording engineer with 20+ years of experience based near Atlanta, GA. I also run a small record label and artist collective called Headphone Treats.

I've started a Peel Sessions-style recording series out of my Headphone Treats studio. I'm bringing in artists to record between 2 to 6 songs over the course of a day or two. The basis of the recording will be tracked live to tape with moderate overdubbing. The point is to capture the live interaction and true character of each artist performing their own original material in a high-fidelity setting, and we're hoping Patreon members are as excited about the possibility as we are.

Here's what the artists will get out of this:

  • A free, high quality recording to which they own the full rights and masters. They can self-release or license it to a label for distribution.
  • If we reach goal #1, the artist will also get paid for the session. About $250 per song to begin with and it could increase depending on the level of support.
  • If we reach goal #2, we will press audiophile quality vinyl with limited edition artwork, and the artist will receive 50% of any net profits from the pressing.

As a Patreon supporter, for each song you will receive:

  • A link to the edited HD video of the studio performance.
  • A download of the high resolution 24 bit master in lossless format.
  • A download of a compact disc quality 16 bit master in lossless format.
  • A download of an MP3.
  • Occasional extras, like studio outtakes and links to "making of" videos.

This is a great opportunity to help us build a sustainable ecosystem for artists to do truly innovative, original music. We will be featuring artists outside the mainstream arena, including genres such as noise-rock, metal, underground hip-hop, R&B, Alt. country, experimental pop, indie-rock and jazz.

Generally, we will release no more than one song per week... usually less. So your minimum donation will typically be no more than $4 per month. And we'll inform you if that frequency were to change, though note that you can also set a monthly maximum for donations when you set up your reoccurring donation.

For this to become sustainable, we need a lot of supporters (we'd rather have a lot of supporters giving a little, than a few giving a lot... which is why we aren't offering incentive levels). So please share this to your social network of choice. And thank you!

Here are a couple of examples of videos we've done in the past. These aren't exactly like the series (they are covers, for one), but it will give you a sense of what you will be getting.

Above is myself and my wife. The series won't usually be this sparse, but imagine this with a few other musicians in the room. :)

On the other hand, the video above is a little more production oriented. We may do a little of this kind of thing as time and ideas allow.

If you have any questions, contact me via Twitter (http://twitter.com/jimmyether) or Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/ear4audio).

$29 of $1,700 per Song (includes video; lossless and MP3 downloads; extras)
Regardless of reaching any goal, all the artists and bands I record for this series will walk out with full ownership of the recording master and retain all rights to their songs. They can self-release it in any way they like, or make any deal with a label through which they wish to distribute. However, wouldn't it be nice to actually PAY the band or artist just to come and record? Yes, it would. So, my first goal level would allow us to pay each band or artist $250+ per song.
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