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You will get exclusive access to see a pen and marker drawing of an original character design I come up with every weekday! That's 5 cool new characters a week! 

Additionally you'll be able to catch glimpses of whatever else I'm working on, and maybe even hear me talk about whatever dumb movies, books, and music I'm into at the moment!

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You will get Patreon-exclusive access to my new ongoing Death Knight comic series every week! That's one new Death Knight page each week! I will not be publishing these pages anywhere else online until I compile each story arc and self publish physical copies of the book! 

Please note: The new Death Knight pages will start pubishing Mid-March, 2017. In the meantime, I will post a page a day from the first Death Knight comic, Death Knight and the City in Stasis.

This tier includes the rewards to all previous tiers as well. 

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For this tier you will recieve a copy of everything I self-publish each year! Generally that includes, but is not limited to, 1-2 comics, 1-2 zines, and 2-3 prints and/or posters per year! I'm even planning on doing some stuff that's exclusive to subscribers of this tier!

This tier includes the rewards to all previous tiers as well.  

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About Jimmy Giegerich

Oh hey! Welcome to my Patreon page! Thanks for stopping by! 

My name is Jimmy Giegerich and I'm an illustrator and comic creator from Baltimore, MD. I've been working as a freelancer and self-publisher for about 9 years now. You may know me from my creator-owned comics like Fight Frogs, Executioner and Friend, and Death Knight, my work on comics like Uncle Grandpa, The Regular Show, and MadBalls, or my freelance work! Maybe you've even seen the Executioner and Friend cartoon before!

I'm launching this Patreon in the hopes that I can start to shift my focus to being able to create my own comics more easily and consistently by being able to afford to devote more time to them! Your monthly donation will go towards helping me pay my bills, pay for printing costs, cover table fees for conventions, and so on, while at the same time allowing you access to exclusive behind the scenes sketches, Patreon exclusive web-comics, physical copies of books and prints, and more! Any amount that you can donate really helps me get closer to that goal!

Check out some of my comics! Click the images for a preview:

Thanks so much for takin' a look! I hope you dig what I do!
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If I hit $1000 per month I'll be making enough money to support me focusing almost solely on self publishing comics, zines, prints, etc. and be able to use some of that money towards table fees and travel expenses for more comic conventions! This. Would. Be. Awesome!
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