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For $1 a month you will have my utmost thanks! Consider this a monthly tip; a way to say "Hey man, keep up the good work!"

Daily Character Drawings and Patreon Blog Access!

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You will get exclusive access to see a pen and marker drawing of an original character design I come up with every weekday! That's 5 cool new characters a week! 

Additionally you'll ...


Weekly Death Knight Comic Page!

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You will get Patreon-exclusive access to my new ongoing Death Knight comic series every week! That's one new Death Knight page each week! I will not be publishing these pages anywhere else online u...

Physical Copy of The New Death Knight!

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For this tier you will get a physical copy of each new printed Death Knight story once the arc is complete and the new book comes out! That's 1 to 2 books a year, shipped right to your door!


One of Everything I Self-Publish!

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For this tier you will recieve a copy of everything I self-publish each year! Generally that includes, but is not limited to, 1-2 comics, 1-2 zines, and 2-3 prints and/or posters per year! I'm even...

Holy Moly!

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Whoa! For $100 a month, you'll get everything from the previous tiers, plus I'll send you one of the one-of-a-kind original character drawings I do each day right to your door each month!