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The Jimquisition doesn't use any paywall to gate off content. If you love the show and want to support its continuation, chip in, but do not feel obliged. I love all the support I get!

Think of it as a subscription fee that you don't actually have to subscribe to in order to get anything, but the provider of said subscription would love it if you *did* throw in a buck or so. 




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What Is This Great Internet Stuff?

Welcome to The Jimquisition. Where on Earth do we begin? 

The Jimquisition is a weekly webshow that criticizes the game industry, games themselves, and whatever else has inspired spirited discussion or incredulous shouting. It's presented by Jim "Thank God For Me" Sterling, who is probably a mortal man, but certainly one possessed of inhuman charisma and a near Godlike sex appeal. 

But for realsies, I've been in the games criticism business for over ten years. Originally a reviewer and reporter for traditional games media, I grew sick and tired of obsolete business models, pressure from advertisers, and the increasing need for corporate sponsors. I never wanted to be in the position where I'd have to hawk coke products on The Jimquisition, but it was made clear to me that if I stayed in traditional media, that's where I was headed. 

So it is that I declared Jimdependence, delivering The Jimquisition and associated content directly to the viewer, supported by those who care enough to see my own brand of no-nonsense nonsense continue. 

And thank God for you... because it seems that quite a few of you care! 

What Does This Patreon Cover?

The Jimquisition Video Series
My weekly webseries, ad-free, hosted on my YouTube channel (JimSterling), every Monday. The Jimquisition is a topical show that discusses the game industry, particularly criticizing business practices and anti-consumer tactics among "AAA" publishers, as well as other interesting and often controversial developments involving games. 

Aiming to "never miss a Monday," I'm proud to say I've managed to keep the show running through sickness, through conflicting commitments, even through a gall bladder surgery. Like a Stark in Winterfell, there must always be a Jimquisition on a Monday.

I mean... until the week I inevitably surrender... but I'll make up for it!

The Jimquisition Podcast channel (available wherever good podcasts can be obtained) contains hours upon hours of audio. Our flagship show, Podquisition, features Laura Kate Dale (Kotaku UK) and Gavin Dunne (Miracle of Sound) as co-hosts and discusses weekly news, releases, and weird garbage. 

The Spin-off Doctors is co-hosted by Conrad Zimmerman and discusses movies based on games. Despite it being a great idea at the time, by the time we started doing movies like Pixels and Onechanbara, we realized we made a grave error. Listen to our pain!

As well as those two shows, the channel plays host to other occasional audio content, such Jim Won't Give Ian His VR, a series in which comedian Ian Boldsworth tries to bully me into giving him a VR headset. 

Any Stupid Ad-Free Projects
The success of The Jimquisition's Patreon has allowed me to hire a full-time art director, Justin McDaniel, which has resulted in a better main product and all-new content. In addition to The Jimquisition, we'll be offering other ad-free shows under the Jimquisition "brand", so to speak. 

Such shows include the popular 
Commentocracy, in which alter-ego Duke Amiel du H'ardcore reads out smug elitist comments from self-styled hardcore gamers. 

Are You Doing Rewards n' Stuff?

The three-prong plan for Jimquisition is not tiered - I want to offer it in one juicy package! I hold myself to the same standards that I've always held the game industry to - I want you to fund me because you want to fund me. I do not want to gate off content, hold it to ransom, or otherwise batter you into opening a wallet. While I will obviously need to raise awareness of this Patreon, I will not litter my videos and social media with constant calls for funding. I'll do some promotion, because that makes sense, but I'll work hard so that it isn't obnoxious. You wanna watch and read my stuff, not be advertised to!

To access my Jimquisition content, you need only access it. Pay as much or as little as you want. Pay nothing if you don't believe you should. And if you ever do become a patron, but decide to stop, no hard feelings. I get a lot of apologies from people who cut support due to financial issues - it's YOUR money, you are NOT obliged to give me any of it. 

But I love you for doing so. <3 

Clearly, I'll need to be able to make a living off this in order to keep doing it, but it's your decision as to whether or not I do. I've gone back and forth on the idea of crowdfunding. I've been scared to do it, sometimes critical of it, and I've always wanted to make stuff first and get paid later.

However, Patreon allowed me to strike for true independence and editorial control. It's allowed me to bring my show to you, with increasingly entertaining production value, unfettered by corporate owners or obligations to some sketchy taskmaster. 

And I don't do it while hawking some bloody corn snack products. 

Anything To Declare?

Disclosure is important. I need to be upfront with you all to make this work. So let's be clear about what you will and will not be funding, as well as my other sources of income. Any changes to the dynamic, to my work, to anything involving this, will be disclosed immediately, as and when they occur.

I Have Other YouTube Projects: The JimSterling YouTube channel is affiliated with Maker, and there are certain shows that have ads run on them. These shows, such as Industry Bullshit or Boglinwatch, are not Jimquisition-branded shows and exist mostly for me to throw out some casual content and keep a little safety net going. You never know, after all. 

Boston's Favorite Son: I have another podcast called Boston's Favorite Son, which features myself, Conrad Zimmerman, and Jonathan Off Road Rules. This podcast doesn't make any money, nor should it, but you can find it here 

I've Done Some Voice Acting: I have contributed to a handful of videogames as a voice actor, sometimes paid and sometimes not. I have always disclosed these involvements, especially if I have cause to cover them in any way. If I'm talking about a game I've had involvement with, you'll know about it! 

My Agreeing With You Is Not Being Funded: Let's be super honest with each other - I will not always say things you agree with. Whether I tackle a subject on The Jimquisition that you have opposing views on, or I love/hate a game you hate/love, there will be times where we philosophically clash. That's okay! I love civil disagreement, personally. Of course, some people take disagreement more personally and angrily, and they may expect that crowdfunding requires my views to align with theirs. That's impossible. If you choose to fund me, please be aware that my personal opinion is my personal opinion, and that I will share it even if you don't like it. 

Are You Finished?

I think that covers most of it, but if anything else pops up, I'll cheerfully discuss it. The Jimquisition has been successfully funded by you lot for a couple of years now, and I hope it can continue. Seriously, thank you so much for keeping this going. It's meant the world to me, and kept my passion for the business running. 

Whether you fund me or not, thank you. Honestly, thank you. The fact I even feel like I could attempt this is thanks to you all. 

Thank God for you. 

And Thank God for me.

There are no strings on me.

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