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The Jimquisition doesn't use any paywall to gate off content. If you love the show and want to support its continuation, chip in, but do not feel obliged. I love all the support I get!

Think of it as a subscription fee that you don't actually have to subscribe to in order to get anything, but the provider of said subscription would love it if you *did* throw in a buck or so. 




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About James Stephanie Sterling

What's All This Then?

Welcome to The Jimquisition, hosted by the Trashgirl from the Gender Dumpster, your humble host and purveyor of Non-Binary Finery, the juicy goose that is James Stephanie Sterling aka Jim Sterling aka Commander Sterling (The Pangalactic Princesque of Pansexual Pandemonium) aka The # 1 Boglin Babe! 

That's me! 

The Jimquisition is a weekly show that criticizes the game industry, particularly the mainstream "AAA" market. While I focus on videogames, I broaden the subject to the wider economic systems that incentives the worst behaviors of videogame corporations. I refuse to ever stop complaining about loot boxes and microtransactions. 

With accessible discussions of capitalism, frequent political tangents, and a colorful vocabulary (mostly The Bad Eff Word), my show isn't for everyone, and my work has gotten me pretty much blacklisted by the wider game industry, as well as frivolously sued, stalked, harassed, and all the other fun stuff! But that just keeps us at JimQ HQ more resolved!  

Before I became an independent pundit and video columnist, I worked for traditional games media (and was also a world class dick for most of that career). After many frustrating years, I finally broke free of working in a space where I feel I couldn't express myself, where corporate ownership (and sponsorship deals) had become increasingly common. My final corporate work was under Defy Media at the Escapist. After they refused to run a review on an Ubisoft game for the purposes of advertising. This was the final straw, and my resigning was not questioned by the Defy's representative, who told me this was just the way things were going (and probably wanted me jettisoned anyway). 

On the subject of Ubisoft, this particularly videogame publisher spent over a decade protecting abusers of every kind. They have not been taken to account, and their games are covered elsewhere as if nothing had ever happened. I mean, Six Days in Fallujah is tacky and gross, but making a bigger stink about that than Ubisoft? Come on! 

So it is that I declared Jimdependence in 2014, delivering The Jimquisition and associated content directly to the viewer, supported by those who care enough to see my own brand of no-nonsense nonsense continue. 

Thanks to your wonderful support, The Jimquisition has been going for ten years. Thanks to your viewing and sharing and keeping me encouraged, The Jimquisition has never missed a Monday since it started at the Escapist all those years ago. Surely I'm due a world record at some point, right? 

And thank God for you... because it seems that quite a few of you care! 

What Does This Patreon Cover?

Your support doesn't just cover the main show. There are quite a few things that I produce in tireless gratitude for your purses of monies! Let's look at the menu... 

The Jimquisition Video Series

My weekly webseries, ad-free, hosted on my YouTube channel (JimSterling), every Monday. I described it earlier - it's the one where I say "Thank God for Me" and look like absolute fire every week! 

Monday is coming. 

PodcastsThe Jimquisition Podcast channel (available wherever good podcasts can be obtained) contains hours upon hours of audio. Our flagship show, Podquisition, features Laura Kate Dale (LauraKBuzz) and Conrad Zimmerman (Pinful Truth) as co-hosts alongside myself. We discuss what games we've been playing and delve into game news. I am naughty and try to avoid the game bit. I'm sorry. Well... sorta. 

The Spin-off Doctors is co-hosted by Conrad Zimmerman and myself. We discusses movies based on games. Despite it being a great idea at the time, by the time we started doing movies like Pixels and Onechanbara, we realized we made a grave error. Listen to our pain!

There's also a Q&A podcast called Asking Sterling, where patrons ask questions and I answer them. Y'know, like a Q&A. 

The future is open to other podcast projects as and when they come. 

Jimpressions & Squirty Play

We have other videos on the channel. Jimpressions is a first impressions/review series that features me discussing a game I've played and actually concentrated on. They're quite fun to do, and I sometimes even say interesting things on it!

Our family recipe Squirty Play videos involve going into a game sight unseen, having never experienced it before. While I mostly have a go at amusingly bad or just plain confusing obscurities, I do stumble on gems now and then. Either way, it's very popular with the folks who are into more than just the main content. 

As with podcasts, other videos are always possible and on the docket. We've done such shows as Best of Steam Greenlight Trailers, the alarming Boglinwatch, and parody review show The Videogame Show What I've Done. Watch this space! Well, not this one. The space where I do videos. 


I livestream stuff at twitch.tv/jimsterling, playing games, getting into the chat with folks, showing our award-barred Jimtermission, and playing with random toys n' tat. Sometimes I even remember to post ahead of time so people know a stream is happening! I am horribly forgetful. 

Are You Doing Rewards n' Stuff?

The Jimquisition and all related content is 100% ad-free and accessible to everybody. We do not paywall content. Those who have supported the show for over five years have done so because they believe in the work, which is amazing and humbling. The very fact that people become patrons because there are no content tolls has always floored me. 

Think of it like a pay-what-you-want subscription that you don't subscribe to. Or like some musicians or game developers do. Some have tried to compare my mere having a Patreon to the microtransactions I regularly criticize. Not only are they incomparable, I consider my funding plan (which Patreon apparently calls The Jim Sterling Method) about as pure a transaction as you can get under capitalism. I produce work, people like it enough to support it directly. You can't get much simpler. 

As one way of thanks, however, I do allow only patrons to ask questions for my Q&A podcast. It's the best I could think to assuage my guilt over not producing exclusive content despite the lack of exclusive content being integral to the very brand of the show. 

While We're Here, Should We Go Over The NB Questions You Get?

Sure! Why not? Yes! My pronouns are they/them, I am non-binary and transfeminine, as well as pansexual and proudly queer. My full name is James Stephanie Sterling, but I do business under the name Jim Sterling. Any shortening or individualizing of the names is fine - James, Jim, Stephanie, Steph, etcetera. Please don't feel the need to make names up for me. I'm pretty good on names! 

I'm on HRT as a means of altering my appearance to be more feminine, but I do not see myself as a binary woman. I am trans, specifically and fiercely so. My HRT is a means of polishing many physical elements I already have, and taking the edges off some others. 

Yes, "I'm Jim Fucking Sterling Son" is still acceptable, but "I'm James Fucking Stephanie Fucking Sterling Son" is so strong it's country strong! 

When it comes to terms like "bro" and "dude" n' all that, I find 'em weird and jarring, so would kindly ask you not. As for titling, I don't even like titles, but if I had to choose, I'd go with Ms. rather than Mx. as the latter doesn't feel quite me. 

If in doubt, leaning fem rather than masc when referring to me would be the better bet. 

Yes, I am continuing my other career in independent professional wrestling. Intergender Wrestling 4 Life! 

Thank you everybody who showed support and continued to watch the show since I visibly came out. It was something that will always mean so, so much to me. 

Thank God For You? 

Thank God for me... 

... and thank God you saw me. 

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