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About Jim Robbie and the Wanderers

What is Jim Robbie and the Wanderers?

Jim Robbie and the Wanderers is a  podcast, about two musicians and a tin can robot with a radio head. These musicians, Tango and Charlie, and the robot, Jim Robbie, travel around a surreal post-apocalyptic wilderness, and new United States, trying to play music. Along the road they meet mad scientists, vampires, fairies, and all sorts of strange folk. The gang manages to get their noses where they don't belong and either sort out problems or make them worse. 

A  podcast, Jim Robbie and the Wanderers comes out every 2nd and 4th Saturday. We started releasing on the 10th October 2015, and don't plan to stop anytime soon. One of our main goals with the podcast is to have a diverse cast and crew, as well as a diverse world for the show. For example, to allow the most ease of access to our show, we've made sure that the show is available across multiple platforms, and that the scripts for the episodes are available to those who want or need them, for whatever purposes.

So why are we on Patreon?

While running a podcast on volunteer work is entirely possible, we want to make this podcast the best it can be. Currently Ileana "Iri" Sheremet, the creator, if paying for sound editing and the hosting of the website and show out of her own pocket. But she, we, dream of being able to stand on our own two feet, make sure that we can pay everyone working on the show, maybe one day cover their volunteer hours too. But we don't just want to pay people, was want to be able to travel and bring our show to cons, we want to do a live show or two, create merchandise, and we want to release albums with the music that the gang is constantly trying to play. And all of that we want to do at awesome quality. We even plan on having a comic book to go along with the albums, or separately so that everyone can share in the experience.

What are our goals? 

First and foremost the money will make will go to paying our actors, writers, musicians, the sound editor, and the producer and to covering basic expenses. We're working on Iri's salary currently, and being paid with food, and enthusiasm. 

$75 will pay basic hosting for our podcast and website. We'll be able to branch out a bit more and reach a wider audience.
$175 will start paying our composer Rosemary Derocher. 
$350 will cover basic costs, Rosemary Derocher, and our lovely sound editor Laura Bramblette. 
$500 should pay everyone, and cover hosting costs all together.
$700 would do everything listed above as well as allow us to upgrade our recording equipment!
$1000 would allow us to afford a stand alone studio where we can work on the show in quiet! Without nosy kitties or doggies interrupting.
AND ONCE WE HIT $1500 we can expand into more substantial merchandise such as: hoodies, hats, shirts, and other nifty little items like possible art books and albums.

Who are the Cast and Crew?

Ileana "Iri" Sheremet runs this whole organization, she create the show, produces the show, directs the episodes, voices Tango, runs the website and uploading schedule, coordinates plots and the writers, and tries desperately to organize everything else. The recording for episodes even takes place in her closet. She uses a clothes rack for her clothes. Laura Bramblette helped create the show and does the sound editing. The fantastic writers are Jack Pevyhouse, Shannon Sawyer, Kelsy Leigh, and Achitha Sanganeethy. Rosemary Derocher does the brilliant composing for the show. Our main acting cast includes Aleksander Wilde, Jake Song, Zoe von Embler, and Gavin Waters. 

Our artists include: GinaSockieKassandraAlex, and Iri Alexander.

Interested in giving us a listen?

You can find us at iTunes, Libsyn, or on our Youtube.
Comment, Rate, and Review, we'd love to hear what you think.

If you're interested in talking with us, have questions, or just want to keep up, we're also on tumblr, and twitter. We post episode snippets on twitter, and producer's and editor's notes on the tumblr, as well as news.
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$75 will cover all of our costs on the web, from hosting the show to the website.
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