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Thank you for checking out my Patreon page. I never imagined that it would be possible to ask for financial support from the people of the world to continue my endless pursuit of happiness through creativity.  

As far back as I could remember I always wanted to be a Graffiti Artist.  My Art teacher showed me a copy of Spraycan Art and I was hooked. For the last decade I have been painting murals  in London and around the World. I have been developing my ability to scale paintings to the sides of buildings using only spraypaint and a bucket of emulsion.  I have developed extraordinary abilities but they have come at a cost.  My lungs are broken and my arms are tired but the walls got painted. 

I have achieved some commercial success painting murals for film studios over the years, working on promotions for Afro Samurai, Tron:Legacy, The Watchmen, Mission Impossible, Robocop, High Rise and a number of cult and popular classic.  With the funds from these jobs and support from a great many people I was able to build Rockwell House, a hub for young creative artists and a base for the Shoreditch street art culture.  Five years after its creation it was destroyed to make way for yet another skyscraper.  I was nearly bankrupt but I managed to hold off desolation with positive mental attitude and rediscovering my love for painting in the street. I have spent all the money I have earned to paint walls all over the world and curating the annual Meeting of Styles Festival in the UK.  I believe in giving back to the community, developing new creative experiences and pushing the street culture in positive directions by building a support network for the next generation of artists .

Life has been a huge challenge and being an Artist in London is a continual battle, I am not too proud to say that sometimes I feel defeated. I am attempting to fund and finance my art as the imminent decline following Britain's Brexit Dirty Protest kicks in.  

During times of depression Artists are always hit the hardest.  Our creativity is undervalued and our experience sold cheap but this incredible platform has given us the opportunity to change that. Supporters and followers of my art can financially support the creation of more large scale street art and complicated murals on buildings. 

Please support me, even a little bit will make all the difference. I appreciate all the funds you can donate, a $5 donation every month would help me buy valuable spray-paint. If you run a street art tour or take photos of my work or just appreciate the work that goes into the creation of these works of art,  please donate something to the continued pursuit of creativity by Jim Vision.
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Once I reach 500 bucks a month I will be able to cover one large street painting a month.  
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