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* My eternal gratitude and love <3

* High-res unwatermarked jpgs/pngs of all original/fanart works

* Occasional Tutorials/Process work(if time allows)

* Ask any art questions/tips/advice/critique

* Feature on my dA profile

* Suggest ideas for fanart/adopts/song covers you'd like to see!

* Access to random original pixels/graphics of my mascots/etc for you to use freely!(Will try to pump out a few every month)

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* All previous rewards/perks

* Original SAI/Photoshop files of my original/fanart works w/ all layers

* Suggest Tutorials you want to see

* Get edited personalized versions of any UGC templates I have available for sale on Maple Story 2's Design Shop

Includes Discord rewards
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* All previous rewards/perks

* Access to all of my previously made/used chibi bases + any new bases as I make them (with few exceptions)

* 15% discount on any adopts/commissions you purchase

* Pre-claims/dibs on new adopts/batches/commission slots

* One free MYO(make your own) slot to any of my species every month w/ full rarities(if applicable)

* One free solo cover mix per month(I will tune and mix)

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About Jinhii

Welcome to my Patreon~❀
I'm an aspiring artist, song coverist, and trying to work towards becoming a game developer and music composer too! (I have lots of dreams but not enough time tbh haha)
If you'd like to support me, you can pledge any amount of your choice here and receive some rewards/perks in return as thanks! It will be a monthly pledge that is charged at the beginning of every month and you can feel free to change or cancel your pledge whenever you'd like. I'm also always open to suggestions for new rewards/perks I could offer!

If you'd like to support me with a one-time donation, you can also just buy me a coffee!

Please don't feel pressured to support me here and thank you so much for reading and even checking it out! I'm always thankful for everyone's love and support ✽

✿ Discord Servers ✿
Jinhii's Secret Garden
Jinhii's Atelier (MS2 UGC Server)

✿ Links to my other sites/accounts ✿

Youtube (Song Covers)

$29 of $100 per month
If I can even reach this goal I'd be so happy and grateful that so many people want to support me and help me out in funding my hobbies/personal goals and life ;w; It's a pretty big goal for myself but I can dream haha
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