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This is for those who wish support my mod creation in general. I appreciate anything and everything.

  • Exclusive preview pictures of what i'm working on.
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  • Able to vote on one follower from a list of followers every month. Followers that don't win will be in future voting polls.
  • Get access to non-follower WIP mods. These mods will need a ton of work and shouldn't be considered for a serious play through.
  • Annual subscribers get one follower suggestion that will be made when I can get to it. (One per year)
All higher tiers get access to this as well. 
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Mega Supporter

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Custom Follower Every Month
  • Any type of Character including Original Characters and Replacer *
  • No Beast Races *
  • Custom Face (RaceMenu)
  • Custom Hair (from Mod assets)
  • Custom Eyes (from Mod assets)
  • Perks
  • 1 Custom Weapon (from Mod assets) *
  • 3 Custom Spells (from Mod and Vanilla assets) *
  • Custom Enchantments (from Vanilla assets)
  • Custom UUNP Body (CBBE not supported) *
  • Custom Clothing/Armor (from Mod assets)
  • 3 Revisions After Face and Body has been established (Not including errors) *
  • Annual subscribers get 5 extra followers. (Five per year). They can be paired or grouped together with each other or a monthly requested follower.

More Info:
  • Custom Follower bodies do not affect whatever body you have installed for your character and other NPCs. So you can have CBBE or nothing installed with zero conflicts.
  • Custom Weapon and Spells can be adjusted accordingly to the character. If the character needs two weapons and has no spells, character can have the extra weapon instead. Custom spells and weapons also include creature summons.
  • Original Character means a character that you created. It's not a character from a show, cartoon, book, or anything.
  • NPC Replacer means a face replacement for a vanilla or DLC character like Ysolda, Lydia, Braith, or anyone. Maybe followers from other mods if I can permission and assuming it's possible.
  • Replaced NPCs in this tier can get new custom armor/clothing, weapons, and spells.
  • I wont do Khajiits and Argonians at the moment. I can do hybrid type characters though (humans with fur textures if I can get permission).
  • Face and Body changes do not count as revisions. Revisions only refer to changes that would be a hassle to change which are mainly characters after the character has been made in the creation kit. This means changing a part of their outfit and/.or hairstyle after they've been made into an NPC. Any changes before they're an NPC don't count.
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About Jinxxed

Hello. I'm somewhat of an artist who likes to create just about anything. One of the things I like doing specifically is creating characters and character concepts. So, being able to create these characters as followers in games like Skyrim is great. When the Elder Scrolls 6 comes out, I will support that game fully and continue to support Skyrim so long as people want mods for it.

ALL mods that I release will be made free to the public. I am not selling mods, I am simply rewarding supporters the ability to influence the type of mods that I create. your support will allow me to spend more time modding not only Skyrim, but also other Elder Scrolls titles Fallout titles and maybe other games in the future. The mods will be made for Skyrim Classic and converted Special Edition on request/as needed by patrons of any tier.

Please note that I will only use mods that I have permission to use when making my mods. I can't use mods that are "forbidden" for whatever reason. While I believe all mods should fall under fair use as long as credit is given, I will always try to follow the standards set by the overall community, including the Nexus. If you want custom content, message me first before pledging a high amount to discuss what I can and cannot do.

The best way to contact me is by a message on the Nexus or here on Patreon.
23% complete
At this goal, I'll be able to dedicate more time to making followers and releasing them faster. I can also work on some other mod ideas I've had for a while (town mods and house mods).
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