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About JivaGames

Welcome to my Patreon page "Jivagames"!

    Let me introduce myself.
    Like all of us, I had a hobby: I wrote stories, though brief, in the genre of "erotic". And like any hobby, over time, it became something more. 
I develop my skills in games creation using a platform "RPG Maker" for a year, and do it to have a chance to share my vision of the classic stories but in it's "adult form" with you. Also, I want to grow and develop not just as an editor of my stories, but as a painter. My hard way to become an excellent painter you can easily find on my page.
    All my works are completely free. Anyone is able to use all finally available materials free of charge.

I'm happy to present you my new game "X-GIRL"

         It happened in 2000. The government decided to get rid of the threat that was called a MUTANT. The action, taken to manufacture weapons to fight this enemy, reached unprecedented size. This weapon was called "R-X", or "medication". It can completely block the supernatural power of mutants that had a high level of positive result.
        It was an accident that put a talented mutant aka Mystique right at the center of this action. Having lost ability to change her face due to the "medicine's" effect, she has to share the same body with an ordinary housewife Emma. It remains to be seen whether she could get back all she lost and avenge...


- Big tits
- Oral sex
- Anal
- Straight
- Lesbianism
- Students
- Virgin
- Lingerie
- Futanari
- Dressing
- Voyeurism
- Mysticism
- Spanking

Have a nice play!
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