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About JJJ

My name is John James Jacoby, and I am the project lead for BuddyPressbbPress, 2 open-source sister-projects to the widely successful WordPress platform. I spend all day, every day, researching, maintaining, and improving the way people communicate on the web, and I love every second of it.

In 2014, I ran a very successful crowdfunding campaign to dedicate all of my time for 6 months towards improving BuddyPress & bbPress, and in 2015 I started a company called Flox to host BuddyPress Communities, and also to help generate leads for consulting & contract work.

Previous to that, I was the Director of Engineering at 10up where I helped transition 75 members of the engineering team into smaller pod-based teams, and the Master of Alliteration at Automattic where I worked on WordCamp.orgJetpack, and did code review and managed deployments for WordPress.com VIP.

The reason I'm trying out Patreon is because I'm curious how the platform works, both socially & monetarily. Sometimes dedicating your life to open-source software feels a bit like taking a vow of poverty without the tax benefits, so I'm hopeful that this page will help pay for the occasional thing, and if it doesn't, I'm okay just trying out Patreon and learning more about it.
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