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I'm Kyle Clemens, known online as jkcclemens. I make paste, a sensible pastebin for modern times.

paste started as an inkling of an idea long ago. As someone who deals with pastebins a lot, I realised that there are many alternatives that all offer a subset of a larger set of features. In other words, one pastebin out there doesn't have all the features available.

Once my favourite pastebin, gist, removed support for anonymous pastes, the idea to create paste started to flourish in my mind. Eventually, I sat down and started work. I really want to make it an awesome pastebin that anyone can use or host with all the features we all want.

Kicking in a few bucks to paste means that I'll be able to work on it more consistently and also help take care of hosting costs for, the paste instance that I host publicly for everyone!

Consider buying me a coffee for the hours of work I sink into this project. Please also consider contributing!
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