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About JK Douglas

Living Life as an Artform!

Living life as an artform is a great way for me to look at my life. 
My culinary skills and tastes have developed a lot since my beginnings in Memphis. I have curated recipes around the world and enjoyed every new taste. Southern cuisine has grown to a fusion of exhilarating flavors with nuances of light and heavy spice. Today, I expand on these ideas every time I am in the kitchen. 
Memphis represents a crossroad of culture, music, and art to me. The Blues combined with Classics made a great dichotomy for me. Couple that with a growing love of cooking and eating and there you have it!
In my travels, I have the great experience of enjoying the cuisines of many different countries, but I have a special knack of creating acquaintances and friendships that cover the globe. In this, I have been graced with many different ethnicities that most would never have the opportunity to experience, in the pure state. In Houston, Texas, there is a wonderful pqlqte of cultures, and if you go from neighborhood to neighborhood, you can find any type of cuisine that you would want to experience. I have lived in New York City, London, Tokyo, Iwakuni, San Francisco, Denver, Memphis, Nashville, and various other parts of the world. From these great places and with my varied careers, I have had the great joy of working with Julia Child, Emeril Lagasse, Wolfgang Puck, Graham Kerr.
I am inspired to be very creative and adventuresome in my kitchen, no matter where that kitchen happens to be.

Home of the Blues and Good BBQ!

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