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About JK! Studios

(Stacey, Natalie, Adam, Jason, Matt, James, Jeremy, Whitney, Stephen, Mallory, and a ghost.)

What's this JK! Studios thing-a-madoo all about?
JK! Studios is an exclusively digital, family-safe comedy network. The ten of us have left the nest of Studio C to dream the biggest dream we can. It's like if ten whales all had the same dream. That's what we're doing.

And we need your help.

Because whales don't have hands, which makes it hard to make television. This analogy might be falling apart.

So what's all the juicy gossip?
This is a new business. It might fail. We could all be janitors or chimney sweeps by the time January rolls around. (At least we'll still be friends.)

That's why we need you!

We are working to make more sketches, sitcoms, reality shows, podcasts, movies, and super fancy slideshows. And we want you to see them! So we can make more. So you can see more. So we can make more. And then we'll be trapped in this wonderful cycle until the end of time.

What are the perks?
There are so many perks, you'll be drowning in them. But it'll be fine, we've already hired a perk lifeguard. His name's Al.

Depending on the level of your patronage, you'll get access to:
- Early Access to videos
- Exclusive behind the scenes videos
- Merchandise exclusive to our patrons
- Access to our monthly live stream Q&A (where you can ask us anything)
- Access to our Discord Chat

Finally, THANK YOU to all our fans. We hope you love our future projects even more than what's come before. We couldn't have done Studio C without you and now we can't do JK! Studios without you either!
265 of 1,000 patrons
When we reach 1,000 patrons, James will freestyle rap the names of all 1,000 patrons in the longest rap video ever created!
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