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per completed piece
Milestone Goals
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Unintellivision X200
$200 per completed piece
 Crazy Sunshine's creator will regularly stream content twice a week, from artwork on Livestream to videogames on Twitch!
Robot Assembly Line
$300 per completed piece
Crazy Sunshine will open an online store! There's even gonna be stuff in it, although robots are not guaranteed.
Hyper Energy Printer
$400 per completed piece
 Crazy Sunshine will start funding a physical book of illustrations and comics! If there's no pesky driver installation issues, that is.


Hello! I'm Jkun, creator of Crazy Sunshine and connoisseur of strawberry shoelaces.


Scotland, UK

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What is Crazy Sunshine?

Crazy Sunshine began as an urban fantasy webcomic series set in its own universe, starring a unique cast of characters as they duke it out with comedy. The comic began in Summer 2010 before eventually going on indefinite hiatus in 2014.

Now, Crazy Sunshine has evolved into a collection artwork and comics that you - yes, you - can help support!

About Patreon

Patreon is a neat little system that allows fans of Crazy Sunshine's artwork and comics to show their support through optional donations.

Don't worry! The entire Crazy Sunshine website will always remain free to browse, so just think of Patreon as a 100% optional method of showing your support to its creator by pledging a set amount per project, illustration or comic in exchange for some juicy extras in return. But wait, there's more! This is no ordinary Patreon campaign!

Donation System & Rewards

Here comes the fun part! Think of this Patreon campaign as a giant robot that you can help build, piece by piece.

When a new project, illustration, or comic begins, followers of Patreon will be updated with a message similar to the one above, along with a detailed description of the work, and any current work-in-progress sketches.

If you are interested in seeing the development of this "component" (psst, I'm not actually making a robot, just drawing stuff!) then you can determine how much money you want to donate in order to watch it come together until completion. I will try to finish each project within one to two months, but you don't pay a single penny until it's complete!

Each donation tier is represented by a tool or gadget that increases in power the more you donate.

Naturally, the strength of your tool determines the amount of rewards you'll receive for helping out. These include things such as Patron-only work-in-progress sketches via the Activity Feed, commissioned illustrationsprivate Skype sessions with the creator, and more!

You can get a taste of my work by checking out my Tumblr, or Crazy Sunshine's gallery!

About the Creator

Whoa, you're still reading? Kudos! My name is Jkun, and for the last four years I have lived in Japan teaching English. After putting the Crazy Sunshine webcomic series on hold in 2014, I've been able to focus on expanding my artistic endeavours and can't wait to share them with you through Patreon!

When I'm not drawing, I'm either swimming through countless anime series, engulfed in a mountain of Japanese grammar study books, or glued to the monitor with one of many videogame controllers in my hands.

 Milestone Goals

Putting all this talk of robots and gadgets to one side, you are probably wondering what your donation is actually going towards, right?

In short, All proceeds from Patreon will go towards expanding and evolving Crazy Sunshine as a brand. This includes a closer relationship with fans and followers of my work through scheduled Livestream Q&A sessions, the creation of an online store with a range of original merchandise, and the eventual return of the Crazy Sunshine webcomic series if my personal schedule allows.

Let's work together to make Crazy Sunshine bigger and better than ever!

Thanks for your support,

- Jkun
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