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$1 /mo
Our eternal gratitude

$10 /mo
A shout-out on the podcast!

$25 /mo
Kelvinisms! Kelvinisms are motivational sayings that will remind you to keep being awesome. Get something new every month! Plus a shout-out on the podcast.

$40 /mo
JKWD coffee! No kidding. Great coffee, in 1-pound bags. Plus a shout-out on the podcast.

$55 /mo
DOMINATE your mornings package! JKWD coffee AND a subscription to Vitamin K Daily!

$75 /mo
A 15-second ad early in the podcast (we'll need to approve product and copy). Limit 2 per episode. PLUS you'll get Vitamin K Daily.

$150 /mo
Join us for an interview on the podcast! Limit 1 per episode. PLUS, you'll get Vitamin K Daily.

$500 /mo
One-hour private coaching session with Kelvin and Josh. We'll send you a questionnaire before our session. Limit 2 per month.