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    Bullfighters receive exclusive demos and sneak peeks of new songs and provide constructive feedback before they are publicly released, which helps shape and inform our work—our fans are a key part of the creative process!
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Be a part of a musical grassroots revolution, where we restore to the fans of good music and the talented artists who create it. Rewards for this pledge include all the perks of being a Bullfighter, plus…you will be on the guest list at EVERY JK&WTS show and receive a JK&WTS merch grab bag (shirt, sticker, magnet, lighter/opener, signed poster) to be shipped in the third month of membership at this level.



About John Kay & Who's To Say

Hey, there. Thanks for being here.

I'm John Kay, a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, and performing artist. As my life-long vocation I write, produce, and perform original music with my band, John Kay & Who's To Say (JK&WTS).

The reason we are able to produce music regularly and tour the greater United States is because of the members of our fan club—we call them "Bullfighters."

Our music is not confined to any particular style or genre, and we have a wide range of influences—we call it "alternative pop." People say our songs are fun to sing, stay stuck in their heads (in a good way), and are easy to relate to, regardless of age or background.

Thanks to our current Bullfighters, we have the capacity to create and release songs to the public at a pace of one new song every 6 weeks, a new music video every 12 weeks, and touring every 18 weeks.

By becoming a Bullfighter yourself, you'll help us to produce even more content, but most importantly, your membership will help get JK&WTS on the road across the U.S. to perform for you!

In return for signing up, you'll get two tickets to see us perform in your area once per calendar year! Plus, you'll receive 20% off merchandise, free shipping for online orders, and even demos of new songs we're working on (give us feedback!), for however long you remain a Bullfighter.

We hope all of that sounds like a good deal to you, and that you click "BECOME A PATRON" above right now. (We'll receive an email when you complete the process, and you'll get a personal thank-you from us, along with a promise to deliver the goods.)

On the fence still? Please read the ten reasons Bullfighters are happy below, and ask yourself if you want to come along with John Kay & Who's To Say as we shake things up a bit.

The best is yet to come. :D

See you soon,

John Kay

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  1. They love a good underdog: Bullfighters want to change the world, and they like sticking it to The Man. They’re tired of the over-commercialization of music, and they feel good supporting independent artists, being a part of something bigger than themselves, and nurturing the growth of talented creators. 
  2. They get everything: Bullfighters get all music in digital format, continuous updates and happenings, merchandise discounts, plus free shipping and two concert tickets per year for when we come to town—bring someone you love!
  3. They appreciate authenticity: Bullfighters can relate with us. Unlike many other popular artists, we stay in contact with our fans, and not just about what we're working on—we talk about life, relationships, you name it.
  4. The cost is negligible: A basic Bullfighter membership is $5 per month, and that cost will never go up.
  5. They know we deliver the goods: Our music, recordings, and shows are of a consistent high quality, and we have earned a reputation for excellence which we work hard to maintain.
  6. They get sneak previews: Bullfighters have access to demos of new songs prior to public release, and their thoughts and feedback help shape and inform what ultimately gets released into the world.
  7. Everything is automatic: All new content is delivered as soon as it is released; Bullfighters don’t have to chase it down.
  8. They enjoy exclusivity: Bullfighters are part of the JK&WTS inner circle, receiving inside information and members-only offers.
  9. We give back to the community: After all is said and done, 10% of any yearly profits are donated to a worthy non-profit organization.
  10. We do more: We don't want to spoil any surprises, but we enjoy going above and beyond for those who become a Bullfighter.

Are YOU a Bullfighter?

Original music is such an important part of our basic humanity.

Sadly, it has become grossly devalued and homogenized in our current culture. In the 1980s, fast-food chain Wendy's asked in their advertisements "Where's the beef?!" Likewise, with popular music today, we wonder...where's the depth?!

Music fans love to talk about what's going on with the culture at large—the zeitgeist—and we’ve had hundreds of conversations over the past few years regarding the state of the music industry, with individuals from different backgrounds, in different locations and occupations, a wide range of ages, etc.

One thing we all have in common? We are Bullfighters.

Why “Bullfighters”? Because we are tired of the bulls**t and garbage and lies we’re force-fed on a daily basis.

We get it all the time from people—family, friends, coworkers, bosses, police, priests, politicians, celebrities, etc.—and companies—junk mail, advertisements, call centers and “help" desks, return policies, final notices, more advertisements—and on and on.

Bullfighters are champions of the truth, champions of the underdog, and while Bullfighters are each unique as individuals, we hold shared beliefs about the current state of music:

  • We believe today’s culture lacks popular music with depth and meaning, and most of what we hear on the radio is music-by-numbers.
  • We believe most pop “musicians” are actually corporate brands with carefully constructed & controlled images whose songs are generally written via formulas by a handful of middle-aged Scandinavian men.
  • We believe major record labels only want “hits,” stripping talented artists of their creative freedom and not allowing them to make the music that they really want to. 
  • We are tired of greedy record labels turning talented artists into indentured servants by saddling them with debt, demanding perfection, and stalling or ruining their potential in the process.
  • We believe artists go too long between releases and should consistently be releasing new music. 
  • Right now, with all of the possibilities offered by the internet which allow artists the unprecedented ability to have direct, one-on-one connections with their fans, we usually only hear from our favorite artists when they have something they want us to buy.
  • We believe most popular artists are out of touch with (and too busy for) their fans, and that fans aren't rewarded enough for their support.
  • Finally, we believe the deck is stacked against independent, do-it-yourself artists

But there is hope...


You can show the suits who control the music industry that great songs matter more than “hits." 

You can help an authentic artist earn a modest income without that artist having to go deep into debt or sign their creative freedom away to a record label.

And in return, you get exactly what you want from that artist, at a high level of quality, on a regular basis, at a negligible price.

You can have ongoing correspondence with that artist in which your feedback shapes and informs their work, helping determine what they release to the public.

Above all, you can restore power to the fans of good music and the talented artists who create it.

Click "BECOME A PATRON" above to become a Bullfighter today and be a part of something bigger than yourself.

Come with us. Let's stick it to The Man.

In solidarity,

John Kay & Who's To Say
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The online store will be launched once we reach 100 fan club members, and remember that all Bullfighters, Grassroots, Associate Producer, and Executive Producer fan club members will receive 25% off all orders, plus free shipping!
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