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Hello, my name is Joakim L. Christiansen, I was born in 1986 and I'm from Norway!

My passion in life is computer programming, science, philosophy and the paranormal! I created this site so that people can help support my adventures into programming, science, better health and into improving the world for us all.

I'm sad to say that my situation is at the moment a difficult one since I'm suffering from health problems hindering me from being able to program as much as I did before. To keep the story short; I have muscle and tendon pains in most parts of my body, and I've had this for over 10 years now (and I don't receive any help or special treatment). But I hope that with better self control (restraining myself from using the computer too much) together with exercising (being much more active) that I can keep the problems in check/at bay enough to at least be able to do a little development every week. I really don't want to give up the biggest passion I have in life, it might sound strange; but computer programming makes me happy and I'm addicted to it!

My idea is that the more money I have left at the end of the month the more money I can spend at things which will improve my health. Like working less in my day job and spending more time outside exercising, eating healthier and buying more ergonomic equipment, etc. Eventually enabling me to spend more time doing software development.

Before my health problems I was the sole developer of the software called "JLC's Internet TV", which to my surprise became very popular and had several million downloads. Even though the software was free I was able to earn enough money back then to support myself (being a 20 year old living in my family's basement, haha) because of the advertisement I had on my website etc. I even developed a website where people could see the same channels online instead of using my software, and I created a community around this where people could contribute to the database which I maintained. I really started seeing a bright future for myself as a successful software developer and I started getting job opportunities and possible business partners from all over the world, but I was very careful with whom I involved myself with though, so I kept them at a distance at the time (I was after all just a boy).

But when my health problems became too bad I stopped the maintenance of the software and the website and eventually took it all down so I could focus on getting better. I also didn't finish any of my other projects (I had a lot of ideas back then, I wanted to do thousands of things and I probably started almost as many). I also went through a major depression, social anxiety and struggled with thoughts about suicide. Getting through all that was hard and it took me many years! But today I am no longer depressed, I no longer have social anxiety and I have a job (not full-time though) and a wonderful girlfriend! Yay, I survived! But my physical health never improved, so the dream of being a successful programmer is still challenged (hence this site).

I have always been fascinated with how things works at the lowest level. Hence I often end up writing my own implementation of stuff just so I can understand it better and learn from it. And trust me; the saying "knowledge is power" is very true!

But enough about my history...

My current projects:

Check my GitHub page:
Actually right now I'm working on several exiting projects. But progress is slow and I will share more about the individual projects whenever they are near completion. That way I will not create a hype about something which I don't know when will be released. :)

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I will quit my job and start working only for myself. This means more time to spend on my projects and on improving my health. This would be awesome!
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