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About J. Ledford Photography

Hello Patron,

" The Journey"
Thank you for choosing to travel on this journey to a world far or near as I capture the world through my camera. I tend to go where ever the light takes me and the places that I might be able to get that one breathtaking photo. This world is awaiting to be captured by my camera and I tend on finding every shot that I can throughout my lifetime.

This is my fan page, the people that support my passion will be awarded different shots throughout the year and some shots will only be available to my patrons. I'm currently completing my 365 challenge for the end of 2019 and most of the 2020 year. I will have 4 tiers for my patrons to contribute and each one will be rewarded downloadable signature versions of my photography. Plus each tier will get a percentage off of my collections on Etsy. Once I reach my small goals, I will be creating video content of my process throughout the year. 

"The Life"
I currently reside in northern Kentucky with my current wife of less than a year and we are expecting our first child in February. My wife and I work a full-time job, while I write and do some photography on the side. I also have a beautiful young daughter that resides in Tennessee with my ex, she is currently 7 as I wish time would slow down for I know she is blooming into such a young lady! I travel with my wife every two weeks throughout the year so I can see this fast-growing smart girl of mine. 

I'm missing so many hours and days of her life, how I wish I was closer and could spend more time with her! I also would love for her to know the brother that's about to come into our life. Other than this space from her, I love my life and try to cherish every moment I get with the people that I care about!

"The Future"
One of the reasons I'm taking this journey and sharing my passion is to be closer to my daughter and my family that also reside in Tennessee. My parents are getting older by the day and need more help by the hour. I would love to be able to share my time with all of them in the future and that is where my "Patrons" come in. I hope in the future that I can earn enough money in order to live my passion every day while bringing my family together in Tennessee. While also sharing the dreams of the world not traveled with all of you! Plus I would like to create video content of my process throughout a few shots per week. 

"Passion is strong, but love is the strongest of all!"

Thank you all in advance for your support,
J. Ledford

$0 of $500 per month
I will create one video per week of my photography process during my shoots.

Thank you,
John Ledford and Family.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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