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Creating stories of strange worlds and impossible places

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About J.L. Oakman

Hi there, I'm J.L. Oakman, author of The Clocks Have StoppedThe Hollow TravellerGlimpses Into Dreamspace, and Silence Was Golden along with a frankly unreasonable number of short stories on my website, Fort Knight's Tale.

Having finished my Master's Degree in creative writing in 2016, I've been working hard to turn my passion for weird words into a full time job - but if you're a veteran of Patreon, you'll know full well how hard that is!

For the last 4 years, I've posted (almost) regular fortnightly short stories on Fort Knight's Tale, writing especially weird fiction for those with a thirst for other worlds and wondrous places; or as a reader described my writing, "The author has succeeded in creating a miniature universe, with its own characters, laws and problems".

I'd love to keep writing these stories, and be able to dedicate more of my working week to Fort Knight's Tale and my novels; and that's where you come in. I spend a lot of time writing already - but given indie authors don't tend to make any much money, I use most of my time working a "real" job. I don't run ads on my site, don't do sponsorship or promotional deals, and post almost all of my work freely on my site - if you'd like to see that continue, I hope you'll consider joining my Patreon!

I'm also hoping to expand what I can offer - I have in the past hired wonderful artists such as the exceptional Merle Hunt of Merle Made Tales to illustrate stories such as this one, and with enough support I'm hoping to be able to commission new art and content for Fort Knight's Tale!

Praise for J.L. Oakman
Don't you hate when authors include a big plate of praise for themselves whenever possible? Same; but now I'm given the opportunity to do so, it suddenly seems like a much better idea.

"I found that many of the stories stayed with me, and I would turn over the consequences or dilemmas in my mind, wondering how I might have acted had I found myself caught up in something similar." - Review of The Clocks Have Stopped

"I really enjoyed this! A short but very thoughtful read with beautiful and sometimes haunting descriptions that draw you in." - Review of The Hollow Traveller
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Once we've reached this goal, I'll upload a small patron-only short story every month! (This won't impact the number of stories going up on Fort Knight's Tale. They're not going anywhere.)
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