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There's a lot of my work that you can't see in print or ebook form via Comixology or Amazon or anywhere anymore because it's too explicit.  This includes Vladrushka, STORY OF OH!, and most of what I did in the 00s for Eros Comix and others, both old and new work.

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How much more good work I could make with more time to do it, and if then I can make Bottomless Studio self-supporting after nearly 20 years. And THIS SICKNESS usually carries work by other creators(including Sam Henderson, Shane Durgee, Ashley Holt, and in the upcoming issue the freaky and brilliant painter Emily Kaplan). I'd like to pay them properly and get more good work alongside my own in big fat comics for you to enjoy.

Worth a try, decided I.

And that's where you come in, of course!

You, yes I mean specifically you, can help me reduce the amount of time I could be making comics that I waste organizing people's offices.

Your encouraging patronage will ensure than not only will my work be more frequent (and posted for you to see) but more varied. You will see more experimentation from me, more kinds of comics, images and writing. And more risks. All for your hungry eyes!

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New work will be seen here long before the general public sees it, and even exclusive posts. For instance, anything explicit and banned from print and ebook platforms, and you know there's quite a lot of that. As I can't put it out there, your support is all that can keep it going!

When I reach 1200 patrons, I may have more time to give this to you more regularly and faster...and introduce tiers with more goodies for you, o my patron and only friend.

Also: Only You Can Stop Me!
For those that hate my work there's a tier for you! if you give $5000 a month or more, I will never make any comics as long as the pledge continues!

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