The JL Show is creating A Podcast

$0.10 /creation
This will provide you with basic access to our content, but you may not receive any of the benefits listed below.

$1 /creation
Personal Episode: If you donate €1, we will record a half-hour episode especially for you, discussing whatever topics you suggest, answering any questions you have and- if you wish...

$3 /creation
Weekly Video Messages: If we receive €3, we will send you a short personal video message every Friday for a year.

SnapChat: Three JL Show hosts will add you on SnapChat, and promise to send no nudes.

$10 /creation
The Jesus Lives Collection: A special gift from Luke's limited edition "Jesus Lives" collection.

$20 /creation
The DaVinci Code Signed Copy: We will send you a paperback copy of Dan Brown's bestselling novel with not only the signatures of all the JL Show hosts and contributors on ...

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If you live within the Republic of Ireland, we will come to your home (or any location of your choosing) and do a special two-hour episode with you and your friends/family.