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This is the basics. The base tier. You wanna get started with the action but you know fuck-all on how to manage your income. This is your option. Free access to both JMAA TV Premium and JMAA TV Netherrealm for your own viewing pleasure. 2 for the price of 1. Also, get early beta access to our future Steam games as they get made and developed with exclusive Steam keys. And also, get to know the behind-the-scenes of our game development... stuff. As well as in-game perks like cosmetics for future games as a grateful reward for your support.

In addition, from this tier upwards, you will get access to our monthly game subscription Gamer's DeepState, one wacky simpleton game every month.
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Naughty... you're on the big leagues now! Not only you'll be able to enjoy the previous tier's rewards, but also we got a hefty reward for you. Enjoy chillin' while listening to EXCLUSIVE MP3 DOWNLOADS of the original soundtracks of our games, exclusively for you.
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You're KILLING it! We can't be more grateful for your immense support. You'll be able to playtest our WIP games and have a very early peek at what's in development for you. We'll be working on guaranteed quality.
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A JMAA TV sticker with which you can rep the brand a little.


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Top tier of patrons. The finest of them all. We couldn't even describe how grateful we are for you. And for that, we got possibly the highest reward of them all: you can be a VIP guest on JMAA's streams to talk with JMAA about whatever you want. Debate anything, discuss anything, whatever! Just be sure to keep it safe so we don't get booted off any platform.
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About JMAA

Greetings. My name is Juan Manuel Arroyo Alcón, also known online as JMAA, an anti-fascist comedian and content creator who’s interested in game development and DOOM mapping and modding. Someone who keeps a moral standard of integrity and human decency.

I’ve been too long in far right circles to know to its full extent how it operates, and I felt completely disgusted by it. Now, I am even willing to bash the fash back on some far right extremist figures as well as creating the best DOOM or game development content out there.
Hey, did you also know I run JMAA GAMES? We created such amazing games like Johann Weiss and its subsequent sequels and spinoffs.

If you truly enjoy my content, welcome to the House of Ultra-Violence. You’ve come to the right place. Let’s all heal, together. Because we play on Ultra-Violence, and the rest plays on checkers.

Patreon is the way to go to support JMAA TV / JMAA GAMES, especially on the game development part. With your pledge, you’ll be able to access to exclusive behind-the-scenes content for JMAA TV / JMAA GAMES either for video content or video game development. Plus some cool extras you’d get in your mail! Like EXCLUSIVE BETA/DEMO ACCESS for all JMAA GAMES. Also you’ll get with your Patreon pledge exclusive free access to JMAA TV PREMIUM. Check the tagged posts for your reward once you pledge!

$14.17 of $110 per month
Once reached this goal, we can get a bit more serious with game development, being able to publish a game on Steam at most every month. This doesn't necessarily mean we'll publish a new game literally every month on Steam, but at least this means the expenses are covered for the base fee for Steam publishing.
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