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About Fact Based Prepping

Dear Patrons,
My name is José. I am a 46 years old engineer in metallurgy, born and bred in Venezuela, a wonderful and beautiful country. After being a successful professional, me and my family were forced to leave our homeland to try to survive somewhere else, and this is our story being told as it unfolds.

We are continuously exposed in our lives to the possibilities of facing an entire variety of uncomfortable situations, meaning that our way of life can be disrupted, in some instances very abruptly. Most of people never gives a second thought about preparing for disasters and contingencies. They rely in an assistance that the official organizations will offer, given the need. This is theoretically true.Not so much in real life, though.

I come from what was a democracy once, now turned into a totalitarian state, resulting in a failed state with lagoons of controlled chaos. This control is partially in the hands of warlords and irregular militias.

We, as a family were prepared to a certain degree. Afterwards an analysis of what could happen, measures were taken when the possibilities existed. Time would prove our efforts remained short.

We had to migrate, with other 4 millions of persons.  
I want to provide support in the form of the transmission of knowledge obtained based on facts and experience personally collected, and explain the reasons of Venezuela becoming a failed state as best as I can. 

I will write about anything the world needs to know, and I will say the truth without allowing my personal opinions or beliefs get into the way.  

I have a couple of projects to build some good quality products that preppers and adventurers surely will appreciate. I hope to fund the needed resources and make them available to public in the near future.

Join me, and let´s make the world a safer, better place for the next generations spreading the truth.
Thanks for joining and assisting, so I can come back after things are better in my country 

Stay tuned!, and thanks for your reading.

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Once I this monthly goal is reached I will start to increase the frequency of the posts to 3 per week, updating the current situation going on in Venezuela with reports of people currently living and struggling there to survive.
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