JMD Myers is creating a grab bag of words, music, and some food

Extra Bloggy Things!

$1 /mo
Sheet music for original songs, exclusive blog posts, and the occasional exclusive stupid poem!

Snow White and ...

$5 /mo
I will be serializing the novel-length fairy tale I have been working on for a number of years. This will give you access to monthly chunks of this early draft, plus access to the extra bloggy thin...

Join the Creativity!

$10 /mo
Is there a text you've always wanted to hear set to music? A stupid thing about which there should be a poem? E-mail me your requests, and I'll work on it! You'll receive credit as the inspiration ...

Fluffy Wigs

$20 /mo
(For those who are super into supporting the arts.) 

I will include your name in the thank-yous of major projects as they come out. You'll also receive sneak peeks before the official release an...