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Get podcasts before they hit the public feed, early access to works-in-progress, all my reading highlights, a searchable archive of podcast transcripts (unedited), and everything else on my patron-only "hard drive." You'll also get a flair by your username on the Discord.ca

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At this level of support, you're beginning to replace institutional funding sources, so I will thank you in the Acknowledgments of
my next book — just as I would acknowledge any formal research funding. $15/month seems like nothing compared to million-dollar research grants, but a huge percentage of those grants go to administrative costs. At this level you'll be shorting academia and changing the game of how young researchers plan their lives. The only fine print here is that you have to maintain this support for at least 6 months, and I do reserve the right to exclude anyone (don't try it, trolls).

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For literal aristocrats. Special rewards we can discuss, though you probably don't want or need much.



About Justin Murphy

If you don’t already know and like my work, I’m not going to sell it to you here! I’m not going hungry, my work ethic isn’t conditional on donations, and I’m not a censorship victim cause célèbre. To the few of you who have offered in the past, and to anyone else who really likes what I’m doing (with some money to burn), now would be a useful time to register your support in this way. Obviously, if you’re low on cash then don’t spend it here! Thanks for your support.
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First goal achieved and now I'm probably going to be fired lol. If I can double the size of my community here, that should be enough to convince my wife I haven't ruined our future!
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