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About Joan6694

Hi everyone! I'm Joan6694, a video game programmer that got into modding one day. I'm mainly working on Illusion titles, and more precisely, Honey Select, Koikatsu and AI Syoujyo. My interests will probably change in the future, but for now, it's "just" those.

By becoming a Patron, you are supporting me (obviously), the guy who made:
  • HSPE: a mod that improves posing for Honey Select (with its Koi version KKPE, and AI version AIPE).
  • HSUS: various optimisations and quality of life improvement for HS (with its Koi version, KKUS and AI version, AIUS).
  • FogEditor: allows the user to control the fog more precisely in HS Neo.
  • MoreAccessories: additional (and nearly unlimited) accessories slots for HS, Koi and AI.
  • LightingEditor: more control over lights in HS Neo.
  • RendererEditor: a way to expose countless visual properties of any scene object in HS and AI Neo.
  • CameraEditor: a plugin that increases the amount of available camera slots in HS Neo and adds more precise camera controls.
  • HSStandard: a shader replacement and graphic enhancement plugin for HS.
  • NodesConstraints: a plugin to link together objects that shouldn't be linkable (very useful for animations)! For HS, Koi and AI.
  • VideoExport: locks the framerate, takes a sequence of screenshots and transforms that into a video. For HS, Koi and AI
  • HSExtSave: a plugin library for saving additional data in characters, scenes, coords...
  • BonesFramework: a plugin but also modding tool that helps modders add new bones to their clothes.
  • BegoneThot: a tool that removes ghost entries for HS Neo.
  • A lot of various items and maps for HS Neo
Of course, if you're not thrilled by monthly donations, you can always tip me via my PayPal.

All my mods are free and will stay free (unless you want a commission obviously). This Patreon is just a tip jar if you wish to support my work. Everything else that I don't post here can be found on my website or at the unofficial Illusion Discord server.

Feel free to make suggestions, if they're interesting, there is a good chance I'll do something with them.

$443.39 of $1,400 per month
"Wow, I don't think I'll ever reach this!" he said innocently.
If you're reading this it means I reached my previous goal (which was not very realistic honestly) and I need a new one.
If I ever reach that amount monthly, I'm pretty sure I can quit my job and mod full time.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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