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is creating play along instructional videos for guitar players
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Help me keep the videos and songs alive by sponsoring me one dollar per month. If you join at this level you can make suggestions on what you like me to make videos for and I will get to your request as time allows. The output will be released for others to freely enjoy!

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At this level I will commit to helping you with YOUR OWN Band-in-a-Box project. This will include a monthly one-on-one Skype call, unlimited support via email, feedback and suggestions on your songs or arrangement, adding my vocal and/or harmonies to your song, co-writes, tuning your vocals, mastering your tracks, etc, etc, etc. YOU decide.

The output. at this level, is for your consumption only and I will not release it (unless of course you want me to).

You are completely welcome to come and go from this level whenever you want. So if you have something on the go at the moment and you would like some help give this a try.




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About Joanne Cooper

I am a solo performer and singer-songwriter from Johannesburg South Africa. Over the last few years, I have been creating scrolling guitar chord and lyric videos for popular songs.

Now I am starting a Patreon page so that members get the opportunity to choose what they want. Become a Patron. today!

You can help keep these videos coming and make your own song requests for only $1 per month.
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