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About Jo Beckwith

I create honest and unfiltered videos talking about life in the aftermath of the unexpected.

Sometimes life hits us like a train - hard, fast, and completely unexpected. It can feel impossible to survive, or like we are completely alone - but neither is ever true. There is always a way through. Sometimes, it just takes a little while to find our path.

This past year I had to have my leg amputated, which led to me starting my YouTube channel,  Footless Jo. As I continue on this journey of physical recovery, I persist to seek the best way through life with PTSD, depression, and anxiety. Living with PTSD or trying to struggle through the overwhelming depression or anxiety or panic that comes can make you feel isolated and hopeless - but, though we are all on different paths, we are on the same journey together. Trauma Talk, my second channel, deals specifically with the mental health aspects of our lives. 

I fully believe that we are all in this together - it doesn't matter if we have different life experiences, or if our struggles are a little bit different, we're all trying to find our way to a better life - and I know that we can help each other along that journey. Thank you for your support and for listening, whether or not you choose to support my Patreon page or not!

What can you expect?

Each support tier offers its own individual benefits! However! On top of that, there are a few additional things you can be on the lookout for...

  1. Bloopers Videos! Living in a house with eight animals and only one and a half legs lends itself to some moments of hilarity...and you guys will get to see special Patron-only bloopers and outtakes!
  2. Monthly Q&A Video - I host a monthly Q&A video where Patrons get priority to ask me anything! You questions will be addressed first!
  3. Vote on upcoming videos! Participate in polls to direct what happens next on my channel!
  4. Exclusive Updates (And Behind the Scenes!)! You'll know things before anyone else! You'll get to see photos and videos from the rest of my life - the pieces that I don't share publically on other social media platforms.
  5. Personal messages - when you send me a message on Patreon, it comes directly to me. I do my very best to respond to as many as possible as quickly as I am able!
  6. Full Speech Videos - I will post all of my in-person public speeches here, in their full form, whenever I have video of them!
  7. Early Video Access! When I have a video published ahead of time, you'll get access to it a day before everyone else!
  8. Merch Discounts - You'll get % off of new merch in my merch store as a thank you for supporting me here!


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to me directly at [email protected] I'd love to hear from you!

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