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a podcast, fantasy Illustrations, a tarot deck... and stickers

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About Joby Dorr

ello! Thank you for coming to my Patreon page!
I am a freelance illustrator and tattoo artist in Seattle. I have been tattooing for over 20 years and tattooing is my first love and greatest passion behind my wife and son.
Unfortunately, like so many others, COVID-19 changed everything.

Since the rise of the pandemic I have no longer been able to work in the tattoo industry full time. This has meant turning my focus to freelance illustration as a primary source of income.
The good news is that I have discovered new passions that are just as, if not more intense than the love I have for tattooing.

Here is the current list of projects and their brief descriptions:

The Podcast - I am producer and co-host on a podcast called Art Condition! It is made for artists, both professional and serious hobbyists. We deal with a wide range of topics but focus on business, marketing and mindset issues related to the profession of being an artist. We talk to industry experts and freelance professionals about their experiences and insights so we can help lift all artists to greater success.
You can see past episodes on my YouTube channel
or find the audio recording wherever you like to get podcasts

The Little King - An exploration into deeper emotional content. For a long time I have struggled to find the imagery that most reflects who I am. This project is an effort to find that content in myself and reinforce the courage to share it. The effort is part personal development, part world building. It follows the travels of a young boy who exists in an alternate universe that is inhabited by the surreal, the symbolic and the abstract. The boy  is equal parts a reflection of my emotional development as a father, my memories of childhood and ephemeral emotional states I do not have a clear description for.
The Tarot Deck - Along with being a traditional Tarot deck I have several ideas to distinguish it from the typical tarot collections. Traditionally Tarot features clear masculine and feminine archetypes. I intend to preserve those traditions but, where possible, my illustrations will depict powerful female warrior figures as individual and unique protagonists in the story within the cards. This will allow me to use the cards for a variety of novel purpose while remaining true to the traditions of the deck.
So, as I build toward the ultimate goal of a complete deck, I plan to create side projects using the content as I create it.  These will include,
  • Inspiration/oracle Decks. Supplemented by imagery related to, but outside the standard range of the Tarot, these will be smaller collections of cards, curated in partnership with patrons, for the purpose of  visualization and cultivation of personal will. Just as the name suggests, these smaller decks will be intended for use as inspiration, motivation and self reflection.
  • Character creation and development. The underlying narrative of the Tarot is characterized by something called "The Fools Journey". This is a story that lies within the relationship between the card of The Fool and the rest of the Major Arcana. By blending the narratives within the Major and Minor Arcana with our female heroes, we can create small stories that relate to aspects of The Fools Journey. These can be compiled into small art books, comics or...who knows what else?
    Im excited to see what we can create together!
  • More to come soon

- Whenever possible, I want to create stickers using the art we make together. Stickers are something everyone loves and they are a relatively inexpensive way to produce art that can be shared with lots of people. I have a few ideas on how to offer a range of sticker options to Patrons. This idea is a work in progress but I hope to see it become reality soon.

You can see me working on all these projects, live on my Twitch channel at
The Art Condition Podcast is recorded live every Sunday at 2 pm PST. I also stream as I work on other projects Monday(alternatively, Wednesday) Thursday and Friday, as scheduling allows. Please visit the link to see my schedule in detail. 

Thank you so much for your time!
I would be absolutely thrilled if you would join me in this process of career change and creating entirely new kinds of art.


32% complete
This first goal allows me to fully commit to finishing at least 2 Illustrations per month. 1 for The Little King project and 1 for the Tarot deck project. 

When this goal is achieved I will be able to occasionally send higher tier rewards to lower subscriptions
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