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is creating community through custom clothing, art, and events.
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Who doesn't like pancakes? They are simple and always delicious.

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I truly believe that scones are the all time most underrated pastry. If you couldn't guess, they are my favorite. I like them sweet and savory, but my parmesan rosemary scones are definitely a crowd favorite.

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About Jocelyn Dimaya

I am so thrilled that you found yourself here on this page because it probably means that you're someone who cares about the arts and the its ability to change this world! I believe in it too!

My name is Jocelyn Dimaya, but you may know me through my brand which is Jocelyn Shares. I came up with this name after years of "sharing" being such an essential part of my life. When I was writing my artist statement for my application to California Institute of the Arts, the whole paper centered around my heart for giving, serving, and sharing in any way I could. Whether I am sharing the clothing I make, sharing a meal, or sharing connections and friends, sharing has always been pivotal.

Right now, I am excited for the opportunities to share more with you through this Patreon page. I cherish relationships and want to extend my utmost gratitude to you for supporting me on this journey. Without the supportive people in my life, I wouldn't be here today.

With love and gratitude,
Jocelyn Dimaya
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When I reach 50 patrons, I will start constructing my  new collection. It will include a top, dress, pants, jumpsuit, +more. I have already made mood boards, picked up fabric swatches, and began sketching. However, I need to have a little more financial stability before I shift gears from commissions to start the line. I can't wait to share it with you all. Thank you for helping me reach my goal!
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