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About Joseph M. Firestone

I’m Joe Firestone, author of 11 books, 7 in politics and economics, and 4 in Knowledge Management, as well as a writer, researcher, blogger, speaker and trainer. I write and talk about enhancing democracy so it will work again. I also write about enhancing equality, and economic and social justice, through responsible fiscal policy.

I want to sharpen national and international conversations about fixing aspects of broken democracies, especially in the United States, but also in democracies generally. The failed political, economic and financial institutions of the US and other democracies, and the destructive policies emerging from the way these institutions interact with one another, can no longer be allowed to endanger the well being of the people and their public purposes.

I’ve written 6 books in the past seven months, in which I analyze the problems and crises of the United States and to a lesser degree democracies in the Eurozone, and set forth solutions to them; and a 7th, which focuses on knowledge management and risk, while providing a framework that applies to the risk of error in all environments, both public and private, in political systems of all types. To facilitate these solutions, I think we need a bottom-up, self-organizing, consensus building process among the American and other peoples, that will enable them to decide among themselves, and for themselves, about what they want to do to fix our democracies and failed institutions, as well as to solve the variety of serious substantive problems facing most nations, and how they want to proceed to do those things.

My program focuses on both the fixing democracy problem and also on the variety of substantive problems found in the US and many other nations. Here's a list of books and links which I've completed over the past 7 months:

Declarations of Dependence: Tyranny, Sovereignty, and Democracy;
Austerity, Greece’s Debt Crisis, and the Theft of Democracy;
Who Needs Balanced Trade? Who Needs Balanced Budgets;
Fiscal Myths of the 2016 Campaign;
Real Fiscal Responsibility, Vol. I: The Progressive Give-up Formula;
Real Fiscal Responsibility, Vol. II: The Peterson Network, Inequality, and the Failure of Neoliberalism; and
Riskonomics: Reducing Risk by Killing Your Worst ideas.

And here's an earlier book that started me on the path I'm now on:

Fixing the Debt Without Breaking America: Austerity, the Trillion Dollar Coin, and Ending Debt Ceiling, Sequester, and Budgetary Crises

I won't catalog all of the many problems that beset our democracies, here, but I am carrying out a vigorous program to write about them using Amazon kindle as my publishing vehicle. From my point of view there are two problems whose solutions are key to enabling us to solve all of the others.

The first is the problem I mentioned earlier of providing for continuous bottom-up self-organization of individuals and newly formed groups that can render the influence of big money powerless to overcome the influence of self-organized majorities seeking to accomplish public purposes. This problem can be solved by using a technological environment to enable people to continuously self-organize. Some of my future books will show how this can be made a reality.

The second is the problem of getting past the fiscal myths and illusions used by austerity supporters to create economic stagnation in economies and the appearance that there must be a money shortage in the future. The apparent, self-fulfilling shortage of public spending authority, will stop the democracies from solving the variety of problems they face, many of which will take a great deal of money. So, I need to continue the work I started in some of the books I've already published, which is to create counter-narratives to the fiscal myths preventing our democracies from solving their problems.

In the immediate future, I want very much to continue my writing program. I have many more books to complete, and I don't have the institutional support available to help me drive my program forward. Until now, I've been shoe-stringing things, living on previous savings, and the small royalties coming in from my books thus far.

Here are tentative titles for books I plan to write in the coming year. I'd like to slow down my writing pace a little to 6 books over that period, so I can breathe a bit. Here are the tentative titles for them:

-- The Job Guarantee and the Green New Deal;

-- The Fiscal Summit Counter-Narrative;

-- The Austerity Wars and the Crippling of the Democracies;

-- Re-inventing Democracy: Design for a Meta-layer;

-- Enhancing Democracy and Collective Intelligence;

-- The Collective Intelligence of Governments.

I've already shown that I can write and complete 7 books in 7 months, so I think that my chances are very good of completing this program over the next year. I ask patrons who are interested in my program and my books for their support in completing the next phase of my writing.

My monthly funding goal for the next year is modest, but I think the social return will be great in terms of sharpening and enhancing the worldwide conversation about how we can save democracy, and adapt to a world in which the rapid appearance of new crises and problems has been outrunning our ability adapt to them and to create the just, happy, and free societies we all seek. Please support my efforts to continue over the next year, what I believe is my very important work.

$46.50 of $4,000 per month
I'll complete the following 6 e-books over the next year.

 -- The Job Guarantee and a Green New Deal
-- The Fiscal Summit Counter-Narrative
-- The Austerity Wars and the Democracies
-- Restoring Democracy: Design for a Meta-layer
-- Enhancing Democracy and Collective Intelligence
-- The Collective Intelligence of Government
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