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Hi! So, a little bit about us. The two of us have known each other since elementary school, when we bonded over our love for mischief, witty humor, and the guitar. Through the years, we've been in countless concerts, theatre productions, and live performance situations, where we cut our teeth as performers.

We have been collaboratively writing music, performing covers, and taking part in other shenanigans for over five years. Currently, we are full time college students while simultaneously working in the film and audio recording industries.

Our musical tastes are what some people might call eclectic. Joe's been heavily influenced by artists from Rush to Foo Fighters to Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. Gus, on the other hand, draws some of his inspiration from The Beatles (With Sir Paul being the supreme music man), Billy Joel, and Green Day. Our music ranges from simple piano ballads to loud pop punk productions. We believe that in order to put out good music, we first must take in good music, and those influences can often be heard in our songs.
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We love guitars. Their musical styles might be eclectic, but there's one common theme. There will always be guitars. From Drifting to Kathy, acoustic or electric, subtle or in-your-face, you can find at least one guitar track on any of our songs. This milestone is important to us because we're trying our best to get "out of the box" with tone. That is to say, real amplifiers and pedals instead of simulated computer sounds. This milestone will enable us to purchase new guitars, pedals, and other noisy gear.
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