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Patreon thinks I should charge a minimum of $3 for this but I know things can be tough right now.

I really do appreciate every bit of support!

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If you've chosen this rank of support you're really blowing my mind. Funds will be put towards improving my gaming system and ability to stream.
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About Joe Fulgham

I'm Joe Fulgham, podcaster, streamer. The project I'm working on right now is Subnautica: Interstellar Life Aquatic, an "in-character improvised game stream". If you appreciate what I do and want to help support me I'd love if you became a Patron.
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Hosting a site that can handle a decent amount of dynamic traffic isn't free. I can make-do with what I've got now but pretty soon I'll need a "real" server to host it on. At this level I can get a large virtual server that I'll have full control over.
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