Joel Gion

is creating personal nonfiction
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About Joel Gion

My name is Joel Gion and I’ve been playing tambourine in the San Francisco band The Brian Jonestown Massacre for the last twenty-five years. You probably also know me from the 2004 Sundance Film Festival’s “Grand Jury Prize” award winning documentary Dig!.
    The Brian Jonestown Massacre won’t be touring again until sometime next year so I am currently working on some personal nonfiction writing which focuses on my life and being in the band during those few run-up years before the documentary-era begins. It won’t be “The BJM Story” but it will be my personal experience of what it was like being a part of it and being me in those days. 
    Currently I’m offering ongoing patron-only benefits that cannot be accessed by the general public. They include:

- Ongoing serial writing installments between two and three thousand words newly penned and posted every weekend.
- Accompanying audio versions read by me posted during the following week.  

     I’ll also randomly be posting home made videos, unseen period photos, flyers and who knows what.
    As far as the writing content, time will be condensed in an effort to "skip the boring parts". Also, in order to immerse the readers in detailed scenes I will in some instances need to "trick out" my memory on some of the finer details and conversations in order to be able to tell what are all true stories. 
    It is not my plan to dish the dirt or sell out the trust of my friends. While some of the names will need to be changed, none of the names of the musicians involved or the names of the famous that travelled through our San Francisco sphere will be altered. It is as always, about having fun.

Keep the faith,


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