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I'm Joel, a music producer and dj.

I post my sets in youtubemixcloud and soundcloud and by pledging $1 per month you'll help me to keep creating new and better things.

Early in my life I discovered a special connection with music, for me, listening a good piece of music was like nourishing...
I'm also into minimalist, so I try to buy and use only what I need. I believe that to follow your passion and develop yourself as a person during your entire life is the real way to live and be happy.

After my degrees in teaching, music, and IT and having work in many different fields. Now the time has come to follow my dream and try to make a living of it. YOU as my patreon can make a difference in my life. With your support I can have more time to work harder producing.
I in return, I'll be truly grateful and once a set or song is being made I'll mention you and give credit for your appreciated support in all my social networks. Also, I will share with you all updates in advance to anybody else besides being the first to listen my music!

What I'm trying to develop is what I call Deconstructed Techno, where instead of mixing songs from other artists, I take only some parts of them, add my own loops, melodies, percussion, fx, etc... in a way that it feels completely unique and original.
End goal is to use all the parts of a set from me, but in the transition I will use parts from other songs. Check out the video at the end of this text to have a taste of what I mean.

Thank you for believing in me and my project. Thank you for helping me work harder and feel supported: I love that feeling! 


Still have questions?

Send me an email to [email protected] and I will reach you out!

Joel Pujol Deconstructed Techno Set (origins)

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