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I'm a writer. After personal blogging on and off since 2005, in 2014 I started stepping up writing in a more organized and ambitious manner for the Center for a Stateless Society, and am currently a regular contributor of news commentary to The William Lloyd Garrison Center for Libertarian Advocacy Journalism. When I'm not doing polemic, I aim to have fun discussions of interesting things.

Thomas L. Knapp pays me for my Garrison Center columns (currently through the end of 2021 at least), and I'll continue with personal blogging even if I don't see a penny from it.  But for those who would like to help me expand the consistency, depth, and scope of writing for a freer world, I'm (re)launching my Patreon as a simple monthly donation for those so inclined.  Supporting the venues I write for also helps keep them going so that I can continue to write for them.
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If I receive $2 per article in pledges, I will ask the Center for a Stateless Society to keep $1 of my pay for each of my articles for them for their other activities.
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