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About Joel's Gulch

Hi, I'm Joel, chief cook and bottle washer for The Ultimate Answer to Kings at Little Bear and I love livin' right and bein' free, yessir. We live 'way far back in the Southwest high desert, so mostly we can live right through lack of opportunities to sin. 

Full disclosure, Little Bear used to find opportunities to sin on a fairly regular basis. But not me or Torso Boy. We're pure as the driven snow.

Come check out what passes for "simplicity" and creative poverty at Joel's Gulch.

But getting to the point - We also enjoy eating food, cooking it with propane, using glaucoma meds so we don't go blind, and maybe even buying an occasional book or taste of uisge beatha. Readers have been helping us do that with care packages and good advice for years now, and people keep telling me that Patreon is the new hotness.

So if you like TUAK and want to help us keep going out here, we'd appreciate the help.
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When I reach $100 per month, I'll repair the Jeep's shock absorbers! Landlady will be very surprised and proud.
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