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is creating documentations of explorative research
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evidence of existence
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At this level of patronage, you will receive our field notes, which were previously translated through various drawing tools into images that were revealed to us in the moments of atmospheric tidal swirling, will be pondered on and then packaged for delivery.

you will receive: one 3” x 4” drawing with thematic variance for each month

base evidence
per month

Upon receiving the first installment of your support, you will receive a select item that will serve as a gesture of our appreciation for your concern and curiosity regarding the transitional world around us. On the twenty-fifth day of each calendar month our active site gathering will cease for several days.

1. During this period we will be recounting the past month’s exploratory activities in a hand-written research statement detailing the on goings of our thoughts and movements.

you will receive: a handwritten report of our monthly activities 

2. Along with this handwritten document, our field notes, which were previously translated through various drawing tools into images that were revealed to us in the moments of atmospheric tidal swirling, will be pondered on and then packaged for delivery.

you will receive: one 3” x 4” drawing

3. We will also be gathering and sorting our physical visual findings that will become a particle in the swirl of objects that emerge from our prodding. These dusty swirls will be gathered independently and arranged in a meaningful way that will reveal our physical findings from our time in the void. Each vignette will be carefully assembled and positioned to reveal disparate interdependent findings from the month’s experiences.

you will receive: one 2.5” x 2.5” unique assemblage 

4. Along with these actual objects we will be sending something from the virtual world that we often enter and emerge into during our time as galactic travelers. This single minute of duplicated representations of actual aural vibrations will be deposited into an email and sent to you for your perusal. 

you will receive: an emailed link to a 1-minute downloadable sound file

We will be posting these items through the USPS on the twenty eighth day of each month. These offering will be sent upon your active patronage. Once these four items arrive to your physical mailbox through standard post, we hope that you will consider how they reflect our experiences from the previous month and we sincerely hope that our findings will be sufficient evidence to continue your support of our research. We are extremely appreciative of your belief in our quest to find something that may lead to nothing, the only way that we can know is to make our way towards it.

With your support, we look forward to sharing our finding with you!

base evidence plus 1
per month

Contributing to this level of aegis provides you with all of the trappings from Tier 1 as well as the following provisions:

1.You will receive a custom frame designed to occupy and display the individual drawings that were sent as part of Tier 1. This frame will consist of 12 empty spaces which will be filled with the forthcoming year’s acquired drawings (individual induction and placement will be at your discretion within the confines of the designated areas of confinement within the boundaried frame). This vacant reliquary will be fashioned from wood and glass.

you will receive: a frame with twelve empty slots to place the drawings acquired from Tier 1 

This offering will be sent after 3 months of your patronage. 



About the Holotypic Organum Requisite Group (HORG)

Dear Madams and Sirs,
Greetings from the Holotypic Organum Requisite Group (HORG)!

It has come to our attention that our need to reveal some sort of connecting tissue to the many moving parts in the space that we have currently found ourselves in has become a most impetuous and euphoric part of our daily reality. Our research has led us into many situations where we are overjoyed by the lack of direction and clarity – just enough to allow for most things to happen with our subtle (or not so subtle) interactions. We feel most safe and curious in this swirling atmosphere of potential and our efforts do regularly bring us results, which have re-centered our current actions towards the conjuring of, cataloging of and identification of said findings. Due to the overwhelming amount of information that is continually revealed, this endeavor is proving to be more than what we had initially anticipated. At first glance, we thought that we had found ourselves that solitary, laughable ant wandering far out from the nest only to be confronted later by an expansive sector of interwoven communities multiplying amidst that solitary outlier. This continuously reimagined space requires much more faculty and resources in order for us to descend into and therefore be able to more fully appreciate and interpret the nuance that surround us. Our hope is that over time and with our accumulated intelligence new desirable moments may (or may not) be revealed.

We would like to extend a most sincere request to you; with your financial help and inquisition we have the opportunity to surround ourselves in this most squishy of undulating spaces. As our financier, your responsibilities will be providing us with monthly monetary support that will allow us to conjure tactile and esoteric moments that we will forward to you for your personal study and for deposit into your asset repository. Our responsibilities to you will be our pleasure of sharing what we have come across through monthly reports and updates regarding our research. This exploratory practice cannot be completed without you, we implore you most appreciatively for your service to this immense cause and we look forward to passing along our results to you very shortly. The void is awaiting our return and we look forward to developing more strategies for our continued extraction, we will be in contact with you soon!

Director of Interdisciplinary Alchemy
Director of Interstitial Reduction
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After speaking with our Appraiser of Numeric Intervalswe request the participation of 25 base evidence backers to keep our explorations moving forward. Once we bring these 25 backers on board our explorations can move forward at a more expeditious rate by allowing us the time and resources to commit more of ourselves to this endeavor. As a show of gratitude for this momentous accumulation of minds, we will be transferring an extra drawing each month describing our efforts to these first 25 backers.
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